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v0.9.3 alpha
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Release date

Android - July 16, 2014

v0.9.3 alpha was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.9.2 alpha on Android.



  • View distance is no longer limited to 3 on Android
  • The game will attempt to recover corrupted worlds
  • Smooth lighting on wool
  • Improved multiplayer performance
  • The game is running faster and free of crashes
  • Improved rendering of fog and chunks


18 issues fixed
From the 0.9.0 development versions
  • MCPE-7286 – Sky darkens when below sea-level
  • MCPE-7297 – System bar overlaps content area
  • MCPE-7305 – The sky darkens
  • MCPE-7363 – Diorite, Andesite and Granite turn into cobblestone after being mined
  • MCPE-7565 – Two villager eggs
  • MCPE-7695 – Gray water and not animation
  • MCPE-7712 – Door rendering bug
  • MCPE-7730 – World not rendering
  • MCPE-7743 – Dog don't stay
  • MCPE-7746 – Chunks constantly fail to load
  • MCPE-7777 – The necklace of wolves is black should be red
  • MCPE-7784 – World Brightness Error
  • MCPE-7785 – Dog Sitting and Standing Problem
  • MCPE-7789 – Sky flashing in water
  • MCPE-7791 – Babies and adults have same hitboxes
  • MCPE-7792 – Nexus 7 menu bar overlapping inventory bar
  • MCPE-7802 – Enderman AI is glitchy
  • MCPE-7815 – Sky rendering in water
  • Mobs no longer spawn when on peaceful
  • Fixed freezing when joining multiplayer worlds
  • Fixed occasional freezing when respawning
  • Fixed respawning with an invalid height
  • Fixed bug with creeper sounds
  • Proper client despawning of entities