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v0.9.0 alpha build 6
Pocket Edition 0.9.0 build 6.png


Release date

June 19, 2014

Build for

v0.9.0 alpha

v0.9.0 alpha build 6 is the sixth build version released for v0.9.0.


  • Lighting from torches is brighter and more PC-like


13 bugs fixed
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a block under a rail
  • Chunks now always update when the sky light changes
  • Vines now work correctly
  • Drip particles no longer have a black outline
  • Made terrain rebuilding more stable under frequent updates (TNT, falling sand, etc)
  • Mooshrooms can breed
  • The status of the player is reset when it dies (e.g. on fire)
  • Close button on chests works again
  • Items are no longer placed in the [...] slot
  • Grass tiles now decay under other blocks
  • Crafting signs now yields 3 units
  • Fixed many artifacts on doors
  • End portal frame is now visible when held