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v0.7.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on June 5, 2013. It added notable features such as Pocket Edition Realms, buckets and spawn eggs, as well as other changes and fixes.



  • A food block that can be eaten by the player.
  • Can be crafted with three milk buckets, two sugar, one egg, and three wheat.


  • Can be crafted with iron ingots.
  • Are used to carry water, lava, or milk.
Water bucket
  • Places water.
Lava bucket
  • Places lava.
Milk bucket
  • Can be obtained by using a bucket on a cow.
  • Are used to craft cakes.
Spawn eggs
  • Are used to spawn mobs directly.
  • Cannot be obtained in Survival mode.
  • Four type of spawn eggs, each spawning their respective mob:
    • Chicken
    • Sheep
    • Pig
    • Cow
  • Currently serve no purpose.
  • Are not yet obtainable.


Pocket Realms (alpha stage)
  • An official subscription-based server hosting service that allows players to create and manage their own private Minecraft servers.
  • World creation enabled from June 10 onwards.[1]
  • Not available on iOS devices.
  • Players can press the Chat button.png button at the top-right of the screen to open the chat and talk with other players.
Smooth lighting
  • Blends light levels across block faces and darkens corners using ambient occlusion to add semi-realistic shadows and glowing from light sources.
  • Can be toggled off in the options.
  • D-pad size
    • Controls the size of the directional buttons as well as circle that appears when destroying blocks.
    • Is a slider that is set all the way right by default.
  • View distance
    • Changes the render distance of the terrain.
    • Is currently limited to a slider with two settings.
    • The leftmost setting sets the render distance to two chunks, and the default rightmost setting sets it to four chunks.
  • Beautiful skies
    • Toggles clouds and sky color.
    • Is on by default.
  • Animated water
    • Toggles water, lava, and fire animations.
    • Is on by default.
  • Smooth lighting
    • Toggles smooth lighting.
    • Is on by default.
  • Hide GUI



  • Now lights flammable blocks around it on fire.
  • Now has a flowing animation.
    • Texture has been changed from Lava BE1.png to Lava BE2.png.


Flint and steel
  • Can now be used to set fires.
  • Are now used to craft cakes.
  • Throwing an egg has a chance of spawning an adult chicken.


  • Adult chickens now lay eggs every 5–10 minutes.


New main menu background.

Main menu
  • The background is now a blurred image of a Minecraft world instead of a dirt background.
  • The version number and Mojang copyright are both now in the bottom-left instead of the top and the bottom-right respectively.
  • The Join Game button has been removed.
  • The options button has been moved to the bottom-right.
  • The Start Game button has been renamed to the Play button.
  • Added the Play on Realms button in the middle.
Pause menu
  • Server visibility, sound, and third person view are no longer directly controlled from it.
  • An Options button has been added to it.
  • Now uses options.txt to store settings.
  • Removed the Lower graphics quality toggle.
  • Is now split into four subsections, with some of them being split into further subsections:
    • Game
      • Name
      • Difficulty
      • Third person view
      • Local server multiplayer
    • Controls
      • Sensitivity
      • Invert Y-Axis
      • Lefty
      • Play with touch
      • Split controls
      • D-Pad size
      • Feedback:
        • Destroy block (vibrate)
    • Graphics
      • View Distance
      • Fancy Graphics
      • Beautiful skies
      • Animated water
      • Experimental:
        • Smooth lighting
        • Hide GUI
    • Sound
      • Sound Volume
  • Not all options are available on all devices.
  • Connecting players inventory is now saved on server.
  • Creative inventory
    • Additions:
      • Bucket
      • Water bucket
      • Lava bucket
      • Cake
      • Egg
      • Spawn chicken
      • Spawn cow
      • Spawn pig
      • Spawn sheep


10 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.7.0
  • MCPE-131 – Dyes sometimes show up as the wrong color when holding in hand.
  • MCPE-173 – no water animation (iOS).
  • MCPE-381 – Bows aren't destroyed after taking maximum damage.
  • MCPE-404 – Can't enter seed on T-mobile G2.
  • MCPE-1212 – Torch placement is incorrect.
  • MCPE-1296 – Breaking a door destroys or duplicates it.
  • MCPE-1366 – Crash when TNT blows up Paintings.
  • MCPE-1683 – Multiplayer: crash when player 1 breaks a sign as player 2 is writing on it.
  • MCPE-1895 – Dashes go beyond world name if unnamed.
  • MCPE-1896 – Cannot see what seed is being entered.

v0.6.2 alpha[]

v0.6.2 alpha

v0.6.2 alpha was a development testing version for Pocket Edition v0.7.0 alpha.