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v0.12.1 alpha build 13


Release date

September 1, 2015

Build for

v0.12.1 alpha

v0.12.1 alpha build 13 is the thirteenth and final build released for v0.12.1.



  • Improved water climbing against a wall
  • Improved pathfinding of mobs inside fences
  • Changed some sounds volume
  • Better ordering on chunk scheduling
  • Added ghast sounds


13 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.12.1
  • MCPE-9109 – Vines not Flammable
  • MCPE-9848 – Can't pick tall flowers
From 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9437 – Mobs that are supposed to be in the Nether are rare to find(Except for Pigmen)
  • MCPE-9438 – Wither Skeleton Model Size Bug
  • MCPE-9458 – Name of the Nether Brick Fence is incorrect
  • MCPE-9821 – Door knobs on doors from both sides do not match
  • MCPE-10104 – After exiting, your own local server still visible
  • MCPE-10261 – Trap door causes the player to suffocate and texture bug
From the previous development version
  • MCPE-10356 – When blocks are placed/broken, there is no breaking or placing sound
  • MCPE-10358 – Skeletons don't have sound
  • MCPE-10361 – Incorrect and missing block sounds
  • MCPE-10377 – Ghast Death sound missing
  • MCPE-10396 – Sound
  • Fixed a crash when a client joins a suspended server
  • Fixed released button not going back to the unpressed state
  • Fixed placing flower pots on upside-down slabs and stairs
  • Fixed creating an old world glitching the edit menu
  • Fixed sounds not playing when the player jumps on snow
  • Fixed nether portal not loading properly for clients
  • Fixed some rendering of items in third-person mode and other player hands
  • Fixed zombie walking sounds
  • Fixed fishing not working properly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bobber not disappearing on lava