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v0.12.0.1 alpha
Release date

Windows 10 - August 11, 2015

v0.12.0.1 alpha[1] was released to fix some of the bugs present in the first release (v0.12.0) of the Windows 10 Edition.


  • Real fullscreen can now be enabled
  • Sprinting works like PC
  • Anvil UI works better
    • the Main UI can be accessed whilst renaming/repairing
    • Items can now be placed in the second slot
  • Creative world saves can be imported to the Trial version
  • Nether brick slab now craftable
  • Chat now functions when getting on a boat
  • Support for x86 processor architecture


  • "Repopulation" achievement fixed
  • Fixed spawning/respawning in the Nether & flat worlds
  • Mining emerald ore fixed for correct pickaxe types
  • Custom skins tab fixed
  • Fixed scenario where writing signs would cause the game to crash
  • Fixed issues with furnaces & chests not working
  • Fixed crashes when players repeatedly entered & left the Nether
  • Audio file fixes
  • Fixed crashes for players with non-ASCII characters in names.
  • Fixed world progress saved game issue.