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v0.10.4 alpha
Pocket Edition 0.10.4.png
Release date

Android – November 24, 2014
iOS – December 2, 2014
Windows Phone – December 10, 2014[1]

v0.10.4 alpha was released to fix some bugs and crashes in v0.10.3. For iOS, this version includes changes from v0.10.1, v0.10.2 and v0.10.3, along with support for the iPhone 6 Plus's screen resolution. This is also the first version released for the Windows Phone.


  • App icon reverted to 0.8.0 look (shiny effect)
  • Native support for iPhone 6 Plus


9 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.10.0
  • MCPE-8 – Creeper & TNT sometimes doesn't blow up sand, dirt, clay, and snow
  • MCPE-6275 – Glitch when holding a torch.
  • MCPE-6423 – Hostile mobs spawning in Creative
  • MCPE-6780 – Beds have a missing texture on the bottom
  • MCPE-6883 – Sugarcane breaks blocks above when bonemealed
  • MCPE-6896 – Torched Chests
  • MCPE-6931 – Stone slabs won't connect to fences
  • MCPE-7151 – Flying over the bed
  • MCPE-7706 – Screen won't move for a split second while breaking blocks
  • Fixed 'Quit to title' exiting bug.
  • Fixed beds only facing North.[2]