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1.1 build 3


Release date

April 13, 2017

Build for


1.1 build 3 (also known as alpha is the third build released for 1.1.0.[1]



  • Πρότυπο:Version exclusive: Minecraft Marketplace


  • Cartographer



  • UI tweaks to accommodate Marketplace
  • Added a warning if a resource pack cannot find the textures list file


  • Πρότυπο:Version exclusive: Breaking a melon with shears will produce the full 9 slices of melon.
  • Πρότυπο:Version exclusive: Putting a cobweb in a crafting table will convert to 9 strings.
Glazed Terracotta
  • Changed the textures for white, orange, magenta, and cyan glazed terracotta.


  • Explorer Map
    • Now obtainable as trades from Cartographer villagers


  • Fixed multiple issues with the evoker by refactoring data-driving of the evoker's spells.
  • Villagers really no longer walk away while trading and also fixed the trading screen closing.
  • MCPE-11727 - Mobs can again walk on beds & brewing stands without spinning around or getting stuck.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when loading older worlds.
  • MCPE-20490 - Villagers can now pick up more than a single stack of an item.
  • MCPE-21028 - Players can mine/destroy paintings again
  • MCPE-18027 - The Wither is now one of the paintings the player can get.
  • Mooshroom files in the vanilla behavior pack are now named consistently & uses the correct loot table file when not sheared.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player tried to rejoin a Realm or world after previously canceling joining the Realm/world.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a mob effect that doesn't exist is applied to a melee attack.
  • The owner of a Realm can now join their own Realm even if it is already full and there are other players trying to join it.
  • Double trapped chests are again being highlighted when aimed at with the cursor regardless of which half the cursor rests.
  • Bottles in brewing stands no longer become invisible after opening & closing the stand UI.
  • Players no longer spawn on the bedrock roof of the Nether.
  • If the player is flying and disconnects from a world/Realm, when they rejoin they will still be flying now.
  • MCPE-20964 - Fixed a crash when equipping items in the off-hand slot repeatedly.
  • All multi-colored blocks are now placed in the order of the color palette in the Creative inventory.
  • Players are no longer asked to download a behavior pack when joining a game with one enabled.
  • MCPE-20369 - Health & hunger bar textures fixed - no longer bugged when using a texture/resource pack.
  • Fixed a crash when returning from the Nether for the first time. (MCPE only)
  • Fixed damage from multiple sources (so players no longer get contradictory screens)
  • The player can again move the scroll bar properly when an item in the Storage manager is expanded.
  • Add-ons are now flagged both at a child & parent level when a dependency chain is broken.
  • MCPE-20709 - Shulker boxes no longer all appear as white in the inventory/hotbar.
  • The game again saves the player's language settings if they close the title.
  • Fixed signs so text again appears on the UI as it does on the sign.
  • Closing the inventory menu with the three dot button no longer causes the inventory bar to disappear.
  • Horses no longer shake their heads back and forth as they walk.
  • MCPE-20875 - Magma cubes are no longer missing their jumping animations.
  • MCPE-20239 - Witches are no longer immune to poison damage.
  • Snow golems now attack Vexes.
  • Evoker fangs no longer cast shadows.
  • If a player still has the invisibility status effect, they no longer become visible if they leave and then re-enter a game/Realm.
  • The player can now dye multiple beds.
  • Now blocks are only highlighted in Adventure mode if a player can interact with them.
  • MCPE-20777 - Default creative mode items no longer reappear in the player's inventory if it's empty after they re-enter a world.
  • The game/camera no longer shakes violently when applying the nausea effect to a player.
  • MCPE-20554 - The Nether portal overlay no longer appears briefly when using the clear effect command after the nausea effect.
  • MCPE-19168 - Mobs again drop cooked food if killed by an arrow from a bow with the Flame enchantment.
  • MCPE-19631 - Arrows of Healing deal additional damage to undead mobs and no longer bounce.
  • Achievement description text now appears in one color.
  • MCPE-20907 - Villages are fully generating again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot when leaving the world on older Android devices.
  • Storage manager confirmation pop-up now scrolls when localized text is longer than the box.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when loading into a world with Add-ons. (iOS only)
  • Players no longer receive fall damage when jumping on slime blocks attached to pistons that are extending & retracting.
  • No more flickering item counts on the hotbar.
  • Items on the hotbar no longer change content by themselves!
  • The hotbar no longer appears incorrectly after filling/emptying a bucket/bottle from a cauldron.
  • The difficulty in the in-game settings screen works correctly again.
  • The hideParticles argument in the /effect command now hides/shows particles correctly.
  • Switching a player's gamemode now informs the player that they have had their gamemode switched.
  • Vindicators and Vexes now hold their weapons correctly.
  • Loading an End City and then reducing the render distance setting no longer causes Shulkers to despawn.
  • Smoke particles that appear after a player's death are now the correct animation length.
  • Slash command autocomplete feature again works in multiplayer games.
  • Can_place_on & can_destroy adventure mode commands now work as expected.
  • Fixed several skins on the Festive mash-up pack that appeared corrupted.
  • After a world with a resource pack is uploaded to a Realm, the resource pack is again displayed.
  • Pressing the play button in the Edit World screen after applying Resource or Behavior packs to a previously vanilla world no longer closes the Edit World screen & returns to World Select instead of loading the game.
  • Fixed the screen getting cut-off on smaller screens for the Redstone Mansion store description
  • MCPE-20739 - Dyeing a shulker box will remove all items contained in the box