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Alpha 0.9.0 build 5


Release date

June 18, 2014

Build for

Alpha 0.9.0

Alpha 0.9.0 build 5 is the fifth build version released for Alpha 0.9.0.



  • Loading textures in the background to avoid hiccups at runtime
  • Tall grass is not flammable anymore
  • Added a recipe for Emeralds
  • Compiled LevelDB with more optimizations
  • Somewhat faster torch placing
  • Improved (again) block breaking particles
  • Optimized rendering of particles


9 bugs fixed

  • Fixed Multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash in Explosion
  • The sky doesn't become dark anymore when swimming/exploring shallow caves
  • Fixed water not creating obsidian when generated with the world
  • Fixed incorrect light updates
  • Fixed TNT not rebuilding graphics
  • Fixed TNT not exploding other TNT
  • Can now spawn Redwood trees from spruce sapling
  • Fixed black faces on fences, doors and trapdoors next to walls