Minecraft Wiki
Alpha 0.4.0
Release date

Android, iOS - September 6, 2012
FireOS - September 13, 2012

Alpha 0.4.0 added chests, beds, TNT, Creepers, new food and farming items, as well as other changes and fixes.



  • Difficulty

Blocks and Items[]

  • Chests (cannot make double chests yet)
  • Beds to skip night and set your spawn point.
  • TNT
  • Gunpowder
  • Flint and Steel
  • Food
    • Apples
    • Bread
    • Mushroom Stew
    • Raw Beef
    • Steak
    • Raw Chicken
    • Cooked Chicken
    • Raw Porkchop
    • Cooked Porkchop
  • New crafting recipes
    • Wool
    • Stone Bricks
  • Farming
    • Wheat
    • Seeds
    • Hoe (wheat seeds obtained by using hoe on grass blocks)
  • Dyes
    • Added cactus green, cyan dye, lapis lazuli, light blue dye, lime dye, magenta dye, orange dye, pink dye and purple dye.
    • Version exclusive: Red dye can be obtained by smelting red mushrooms
    • Yellow dye can be obtained by dandelions

Creative inventory additions[]




  • Lengthened the daytime
  • Limited the total number of a given monster type.
  • When using an item, the player’s movement speed is decreased.

Blocks and Items[]

  • Snowballs can now be thrown.


  • Zombies now drop feathers
  • Limited the total number of a given monster type.
  • Animal spawning (being worked on)


15 bugs fixed

  • Monsters could spawn indoors.
  • Added fall damage for clients.
  • Players could hit each other far away.
  • Incorrect bow rendering in third person view.
  • Missing particles after critical arrows
  • Stairs reverted to their basic blocks when destroyed
  • Charging the bow could destroy certain blocks (flowers, torches), or interact with blocks.
  • The game crashes if the player is killed while having charging a bow.
  • Connecting players could die in Creative mode.
  • Dark leaves sometimes have crafting table texture.
  • Wrong crafting table size for Xperia Play
  • Bow doesn't take damage when used.
  • Non-dark brown tree trunks are now added back to the game (you may need to start a new world as host).
  • Destroying a door could leave half a door.
  • Missing spider death sound on iOS.