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Alpha 0.13.0
MCPE 0.13.0.png
Release date

November 19, 2015

Development versions

Alpha 0.13.0 was an update which added many redstone-related blocks and items to Minecraft: Pocket Edition.



  • Client message appearing when attempting to build above level 127.
  • Option to disable multiplayer (Available in settings).
  • happyVillager
  • note
Skin packs
  • Biome Settlers Skin Pack 1
    • Costs $2.99 US or equivalent.
  • Added new sounds for cows, pigs, silverfish, and chickens.

Blocks and items[]

  • Redstone-related blocks
    • Redstone
      • Version exclusive: It has a "+" shape when not connected.
    • Redstone lamps
    • Redstone torches
    • Levers
    • Tripwire hooks
      • Tripwires
    • Daylight sensors
      • Inverted daylight sensors
    • Pressure plates (stone and wooden)
    • Weighted pressure plates (gold and iron)
    • Buttons (stone and wooden)
    • Detector rails
    • Activator rails
    • Trapped chests
  • Spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and dark oak wooden doors
  • Iron trapdoors
  • Note blocks
  • Rabbit hide
  • Foods
    • Raw Rabbit
    • Cooked Rabbit
    • Rabbit Stew

World generation[]

Creative inventory additions[]

  • Spawn eggs
    • Rabbit
  • Iron Doors
  • Raw Rabbit
  • Cooked Rabbit
  • Rabbit Stew
  • Redstone lamp
  • Redstone torch
  • Lever
  • Tripwire hook
  • Daylight sensor
  • Pressure plate (stone and wooden)
  • Weighted pressure plate (gold and iron)
  • Button (stone and wooden)
  • Detector rail
  • Activator rail
  • Trapped chest
    • Version Exclusive: Custom name does not appear in GUI.
  • Spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and dark oak wooden door
  • Iron trapdoor
  • Note block


  • Rabbit
    • Only spawn in forests, deserts, and snowy biomes.
      • Camouflaged to hide in the biomes.



  • Multiplayer Game can no longer be changed in-game.
  • Broadcast to LAN can no longer be changed in-game.
  • Broadcast to Xbox Live (Windows 10) can no longer be changed in-game.
  • Light is now emitted from below the Nether.
  • Removed the Coral material which served no purpose.[1]
  • Hotbar item count is now at the bottom corner of the selected item (if stackable) and has PC text.
  • Game data is now expressed in JSON files (see here for an example).[2]


  • Flowers created using bonemeal now depend on the biome.
  • Now breaks in 6.5 seconds rather than 3.
  • Removed the crafting ability of the stonecutter. Items previously craftable using it are now crafted in the crafting table.
  • Unavailable in survival. Only available in creative as a decorative block.
  • Now make particles when grown with bonemeal.


Beetroot soup
  • Version exclusive: Now stackable.
Iron door
  • Now functional.
  • Can be crafted in Survival mode.
  • Updated item texture.
Oak door
  • Updated item texture.
Redstone dust
  • Now placeable.
  • Now placeable.
  • Can now be crafted using 4 rabbit hide.
Rabbit's foot
  • Now drop from Rabbits
Splash water bottle
  • Can be used to put out fires.
  • An underwater will lose all velocity after a few blocks and slowly fall.


  • Ghasts and slimes now have a higher spawn rate.
  • Skeletons will run away from wolves.
  • Villagers will now follow or stay.
  • Wolves now attack sheep and rabbits.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Are now slightly faster than sprinting.
  • Will not deplete hunger.
  • Players can now use items and attack immediately after they stop rowing.
  • Multiple boats now stack on top of each other.
  • Multiple minecarts now stack on top of each other.


  • MCPE-5509 – Drowning bubbles in Creative mode?
  • MCPE-6322 – Mobs get stuck in fence gates/walls/fences
  • MCPE-6910 – Breaking blocks
  • MCPE-7980 – Entities and transparent blocks invisible when viewed through clouds
  • MCPE-8043 – Clouds are not visible when generating new terrain
  • MCPE-8140 – Monster are not willing to attack people who are in double-tall plants
  • MCPE-8502 – Masses of lighting updates cause chunks to flash black for a split second
  • MCPE-8612 – Entering world teleporting
  • MCPE-8669 – Fish button makes your pet sit/stand when retrieving fishing bobber
  • MCPE-8752 – Skin bug for iOS 6 devices
  • MCPE-8888 – Torches disappear when they are dislodged by water instead of dropping as an item
  • MCPE-9177 – Incorrect translation according dark oak blocks
  • MCPE-9569 – Middle click using mouse block swap selection creative mode
  • MCPE-9593 – Automatic crafting of next recipe when you run out of ingredients.
  • MCPE-9888 – Enchantment table/cobble steps missing
  • MCPE-9996 – Cocoa pods do not spawn particles when their supporting block is destroyed
  • MCPE-10035 – Splash Water Bottles don't Remove Fire
  • MCPE-10039 – Adding Servers
  • MCPE-10060 – Grassblock texture glitch (in hand)
  • MCPE-10080 – Anvils Sounds
  • MCPE-10226 – Skeletons do not run away from wolves, or attack sheep.
  • MCPE-10249 – Ladder Noises
  • MCPE-10343 – Game freezing when started
  • MCPE-10490 – The interaction button can interact with entities through the button.
  • MCPE-10573 – Monster spawners can spawn spiders inside blocks
  • MCPE-10626 – Stairs not being used properly.
  • MCPE-10655 – Cannot break nether wart sometimes
  • MCPE-10766 – Renaming enchanted tool removes enchantments
  • MCPE-10804 – When I built the nether portal the sounds the nether portal makes on normal minecraft aren't there and even the is no area where it is like a revan in the nether
  • MCPE-10951 – Players at > Y=128 are set above the spawn point upon reloading the world if above a platform at height limit
  • MCPE-10974 – Breeding colored sheep deosn't produce colored offspring
  • MCPE-11079 – Extra air bubble when swimming
  • MCPE-11157 – On LAN other person cannot see rowing animation when in a boat.
  • MCPE-11185 – Lag Spikes In The Nether
  • MCPE-11192 – Chinese traditional translation bug (Halloween Costumes)
  • MCPE-11203 – No tooltip in chest inventory
  • MCPE-11207 – Additional block UIs can be opened while opening a chest
  • MCPE-11208 – Opening chests while standing in Nether portal restricts player movement if using mouse & keyboard
  • MCPE-11223 – Smelting items does not give experience for server clients
  • MCPE-11272 – Items in crafting recipes are not centeres in their 'box'
  • MCPE-11298 – Furnace incorrect font size
  • MCPE-11364 – Dyed sheep do not make the same color baby
  • MCPE-11366 – Villagers render incorrectly
  • MCPE-11386 – (Creative) Entering Minecart causes player to destroy blocks
  • MCPE-11454 – All settings resets when restarting my phone
  • MCPE-11628 – Weather LAN not showing
  • MCPE-11657 – Water And Signs
  • MCPE-11661 – Tripwire activated redstone does not power rails
  • MCPE-11744 – Crashes upon clicking play on Lumia 950 (10586)
  • MCPE-11783 – Redstone dust on top of (or below) a redstone block will not power the blocks immediately adjacent to the dust unless those blocks contain more redstone dust
  • MCPE-11819 – Unable to type Ip or Port: glitch.
  • MCPE-11820 – Unobtainable achievement - Chestful of Cobblestone
  • MCPE-12050 – Fire
  • MCPE-12144 – Button translation in german