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Pocket Edition 1.1.5.png
Release date

FireOS – August 1, 2017
iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Gear VR, Fire TV – August 3, 2017
Apple TV – August 7, 2017

1.1.5 is an update for Pocket Edition which added new and updated existing Marketplace content as well as fixing several bugs.[1] This update is the last version for the Pocket Edition series except iOS (1.1.7), and is replaced by Bedrock Edition. It made it possible for additional content to be added to the Marketplace without the need for a Pocket Edition version upgrade.



  • Updates to PureBDCraft
  • All Marketplace-related modules were moved into a separate library.
    • Future additional content to the Marketplace will not require new releases of Pocket Edition.


  • Fixed clock and compass textures becoming corrupted after reconnecting to world with a resource pack
  • Fixed the texture of tripwire string
  • Optimized the skin picker and all skins will now be displayed



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