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1.0.3 build 1


Release date

February 01, 2017

Build for


1.0.3 build 1 (also known as alpha is a beta build released for 1.0.3 and includes the dutch language, fixes bugs and many crashes.[1]



  • Support for the dutch language. [2][3]


  • Added a TransferPacket for servers which allows them to transfer a player to another server. [4][5]
  • Servers can now detect a lot of useful data about clients. [6]


  • MCPE-15502 Observer top texture always faces north
  • MCPE-17421 Server browser not showing online/offline state for external servers
  • Fixed an issue causing servers to blink between online and offline status.
  • Fixed a realms crash when a player exits.
  • Fixed a crash when using some items.
  • Fixed a server crash when a player entered a mutated biome.
  • Fixed an issue that caused pressure plates, buttons, and other Redstone items to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue with hoppers not ticking the proper order.
  • Fixed an issue when destroying a door.
  • Fixed an issue with item duplication.
  • Fixed an issue allowing a player to incorrectly obtain End Gateway blocks.
  • Observer block's arrows should now point in the direction of power.
  • Observer blocks will no longer be placed upside-down.
  • Fixed an issue where realms members that were not your friends were not being displayed.
  • Bats should spawn more often.
  • Fixed an issue with End Gateway textures on mobile devices.