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[[es:Mapas viejos]]
[[es:Mapas viejos]]
[[ru:Старый тип мира]]
[[ru:Старый тип мира]]

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Overhead view of an Old world

Old is a world type exclusive to the Pocket Edition. The purpose of this world type is for older or low-end devices that do not perform well with infinite worlds.


To create an Old world, simply select the "Old" type in the World Type dropdown of the world creation screen. Optionally, on low-end devices, toggle "Limited worlds" in the Video section of the options screen.


Old worlds consist of a finite map with an area of 256x256 blocks, barricaded with invisible bedrock. They can generate with any of the current biomes (excluding roofed forest); however, as a result of their limited size, only several biomes can be generated per world.

Structures, such as villages, generate normally, with the exception of caves, strongholds, and mineshafts. Tall grass does not grow in this world type.

In Old worlds, the Nether and the End cannot be accessed unless the world is converted to the Infinite type, as detailed below.

Converting to Infinite[]

To convert an Old world to an Infinite type, tap on the pencil icon next to the old world in the world selection screen, then tap "Make Infinite!" This creates a new world with all of the saved data (inventory, terrain, structures, etc.) of the old world, sets the world type to Infinite, and keeps the world name; the old world is then renamed <WorldName>-old.


Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0Released along with the first official version of Pocket Edition. At the time, this was the only available world type.
Featured a basic terrain generation with 3 "biomes" (Forest, Taiga, and Desert).
0.1.3Cacti now generate in deserts
0.9.0Old is now an optional world type, with the addition of Infinite and Flat world types.
Changed terrain generation, adding new generated structures, biomes, and foliage colors.
0.11.0Old worlds can now be converted into Infinite worlds.


Issues relating to “Old” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.


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