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Nathan Adams

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July 23, 1991 (age 30)[1]


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Dinnerbone is a super nice guy, and adds lots of fancy features to Minecraft. He wears ribbons in his hair, and smells of rich mahogany and leather-bound books. He is the co-president of the country of Bonerstan, along with Marc. If you kill him in Minecraft, he drops a kitten. Correction: he gently sets down a kitten, because why would he ever DROP a kitten? He's way too nice for that.
Marc Watson[4][5]

Nathan 'Dinnerbone' Adams is a game developer at Mojang AB who worked on Minecraft and its launcher. A member of the Bukkit team, Adams was hired by Mojang on 28 February 2012 to develop the mod API.[6][7] His first day at the Mojang office was 27 March 2012,[8] shortly before the first development snapshots for version 1.3.1.

A common trope attributed to Dinnerbone is that he is commonly displayed as being upside-down.[9][10] His Twitter avatar is flipped[11] and his user model, as well as any mob named "Dinnerbone", will be rendered upside-down.[10]

In October 2015 he announced that he would be "taking a break from Minecraft PC development for a few months."[12] Later, in February 2016, he further elaborated that though he would continue on other projects at Mojang, he had left the Minecraft team.[13][14]


Nathan Adams is originally from Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.[15] He says he learned programming through creating MSN bots at age 10.[3][16] After finishing secondary school, Dinnerbone was rejected from college,[17] so he found a job with a tiny web development company but was made redundant after a few years. Shortly after starting Bukkit, Dinnerbone was hired by Curse where he worked until joining Mojang.[18] Aleksandra Zajac (MissMarzenia) is his fiancée.[19] He announced on August 24, 2016 that he and Aleksandra were expecting a baby boy.[20][21] The baby was later born on October 2, 2016.[22]


  • Dinnerbone is red-green colorblind, the most common type of colorblindness.[15][23]
  • Dinnerbone's username is a tribute to an old friend of his named Teabone (T-bone).[15][24]
  • Dinnerbone's favorite color is blue and his favorite foods are lasagna and pizza.[15]
  • Dinnerbone hates fish.[25]
  • Dinnerbone doesn't drink alcohol.[26]
  • If you name any mob with a name tag with the name "Dinnerbone", the animal will flip upside down. This naturally extends to himself. Same logic applies for naming a mob "Grumm".
  • Dinnerbone can sometimes be found on Mindcrack with other famous youtubers.



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