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Some of the many monsters that can spawn in the overworld. From left to right: Zombie, Spider, Enderman, Creeper, Skeleton, Drowned, Witch, Slime.

A mob is a living, moving game entity. The term "mob" is short for "mobile entity".[1] All mobs can be attacked and hurt (from falling, attacked by player or another mob, falling into the void, etc.) and some of them can drown or burn. Different types of mobs often have unique AI and loot.


Most monsters are found in dark areas such as caves, whilst most animals are found commonly in bright light levels. Most other mobs are also found in different biomes/structures.

Different mobs spawn in diverse habitats/structures, depending on their light level or temperature.

Mobs spawn in various ways. Most mobs spawn naturally, depending on their light level, habitat, and their surroundings, for example, most animals are found in brighter, outside areas whilst hostile monsters are commonly found in the dark (whether if it’s a cave, dungeon, mansion or at night). These mobs usually spawn upon chunk generation. Most animals including those that are passive, neutral, and even hoglins have the ability to be bred by the player, creating offspring. Villagers also breed randomly depending on the time and the number of beds (though they can’t be bred by the player). Mobs never spawn on transparent blocks, in water (except fish, dolphins, turtles, and other aquatic creatures), in lava (except for striders), on bedrock, or on blocks less than a full block tall (such as slabs placed on the bottom half). The exception is monster spawners, from which they can spawn naturally on any block including air.

Some mobs (like the snow golem, and the wither) require that the player needs to "construct" them before being able to spawn. The iron golem can spawn naturally and can also be constructed. The ender dragon can be respawned with 4 end crystals.

Players can also spawn mobs easily by using spawn eggs in Creative mode, or the /summon command.


Many mobs despawn (cease to exist) after a certain amount of time if far enough from the player. Πρότυπο:IN, most passive mobs do not despawn, while most hostiles do. Πρότυπο:IN, almost all passive or hostile mobs despawn.


A pig emitting smoke particles upon death.

Mobs are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player: they are subject to physics, and they can be hurt by the same things that harm the player (catching on fire, falling, drowning, attacked by weapons, /kill, etc.). Some mobs may be resistant or immune to certain hazards, such as Nether mobs, which are immune to fire. Mobs like cod, salmon, tropical fish, pufferfish, drowned, guardian, elder guardian cannot be drowned. Mobs can ride minecarts and other mobs can climb up ladders. When mobs are killed, they turn to dust and drop items that may be useful resources. Each type of mob in Minecraft has a certain AI (Artificial Intelligence) system with different behaviors and mechanics. Mobs ordinarily wander around at random if there is a player nearby and usually avoid walking off blocks high enough to cause falling damage. Many mobs have an advanced pathfinding system that allows them to navigate through obstacles to get to a desired object or destination. Passive mobs flee in random directions after being hurt, while hostile mobs face and chase/attack the player as soon as the player comes close. Neutral mobs remain neutral until a player or mob provokes it (usually by attacking), at which point the neutral mob becomes hostile toward and attack the entity that hit it. Most mobs are aware of players within 16 blocks of them, but some can see farther. Conversely, most mobs can be heard by players up to 16 blocks (spherical) away.

Most mobs cannot see through most solid blocks, including semi-transparent blocks such as ice, glass, tall grass, or glass panes. Mobs do not attempt to walk on rail tracks unless pushed on by other mobs.

List of mobs[]

Mobs are listed and classified by their nature from the player's perspective. For more details on a particular mob, click and view their individual page.

Passive mobs[]

Passive mobs are harmless mobs that do not attack the player, even when provoked or attacked. Most of them are breedable and/or tameable.

BatFace.png CatFace.png ChickenFace.png CodBody.png CowFace.png DonkeyFace.png FoxFace.png HorseFace.png
Bat Cat Chicken Cod Cow Donkey Fox Horse
MooshroomFace.png MuleFace.png OcelotFace.png ParrotFace.png PigFace.png PiglinFace.png PolarBearFace.png RabbitFace.png SalmonBody.png SheepFace.png
Mooshroom Mule Ocelot Parrot Pig Piglin (baby) Polar Bear (baby) Rabbit Salmon Sheep
SkeletonHorseFace.png SnowGolemFace.png SquidFace.png StriderFace.png TropicalFishBody.png TurtleFace.png VillagerFace.png WanderingTraderFace.png
Skeleton Horse Snow Golem Squid Strider Tropical Fish Turtle Villager Wandering Trader

Neutral mobs[]

Neutral mobs are sometimes passive and sometimes hostile toward the player. Many neutral mobs become hostile only when attacked first, but other neutral mobs have other ways of being provoked. Some may be naturally hostile with provocation.

BeeFace.png CaveSpiderFace.png Dolphin EndermanFace.png IronGolemFace.png LlamaFace.png PiglinFace.png
Bee[n 1][n 2] Cave Spider[n 3][n 4] Dolphin[n 1] Enderman[n 4][n 5] Iron Golem
(Naturally spawned)[n 6]
Llama[n 7] Piglin (adult)[n 4][n 8]
PandaFace.png PolarBearFace.png PufferfishFace.png SpiderFace.png WolfFace.png ZombifiedPiglinFace.png
Panda[n 9] Polar Bear (adult)[n 10] Pufferfish Spider[n 3][n 4] Wolf[n 1] Zombified Piglin[n 1][n 4]
  1. a b c d All nearby mobs of the same type become hostile when a single one is provoked.
  2. In addition to attacking when provoked, bees become aggravated when a nearby beehive is broken. Bees who claim a beehive become angry when honey is harvested unless a campfire is placed beneath the beehive. A bee can sting the player only once, and ceases to attack thereafter although the bee's hostile texture remains. In addition, they become passive after a short time.
  3. a b This mob is naturally hostile when in a light level 7 or lower; meaning they are naturally hostile whenever they spawn. They become neutral when in a light level higher than 7, although they continue attacking any players they were attacking before being in this light level.
  4. a b c d e This mob is subject to advancements by Monster Hunter, Monsters Hunted.[JAVA edition only]
  5. In addition to attacking when provoked, endermen become hostile when their head is being looked at.
  6. In addition to attacking when provoked, iron golems attack players with low village popularity.
  7. This mob becomes neutral after attacking the player a single time.
  8. Piglins are naturally hostile, but if the player is wearing at least one piece of gold armor, then the piglin becomes neutral. In its neutral state, if one piglin or piglin brute is attacked, or if the player opens or breaks these containers or breaks these golden blocks, all nearby piglins become hostile, even if the player is wearing gold armor.
  9. Most panda personalities attack the player once. Aggressive pandas attack more similarly to a hostile mob when provoked.
  10. Like all mobs, adult polar bears are passive on Peaceful difficulty. When the player is near a cub, the parent polar bear becomes hostile toward the player, although it seldom happens in Easy difficulty. When a cub is attacked, nearby polar bears become hostile toward the attacker.

Hostile mobs[]

Hostile mobs are dangerous, aggressive mobs that always attack the player on sight.

BlazeFace.png ChickenJockeyFace.png CreeperFace.png Drowned ElderGuardianFace.png EndermiteFace.png EvokerFace.png GhastFace.png GuardianFace.png HoglinFace.png
Blaze Chicken Jockey[h 1] Creeper Drowned[h 2] Elder Guardian Endermite Evoker Ghast Guardian Hoglin[h 3]
HuskFace.png MagmaCubeFace.png Phantom PiglinBruteFace.png PillagerFace.png RavagerFace.png RavagerJockeyFace.png ShulkerFace.png SilverfishFace.png SkeletonFace.png SkeletonRiderFace.png
Husk Magma Cube Phantom Piglin Brute Pillager[h 4] Ravager Ravager Jockey Shulker Silverfish Skeleton Skeleton Horseman[h 1]
SlimeFace.png SpiderJockeyFace.png StrayFace.png VexFace.png VindicatorFace.png WitchFace.png WitherSkeletonFace.png ZoglinFace.png ZombieFace.png ZombieVillagerHead.png
Slime Spider Jockey[h 5] Stray Vex Vindicator Witch Wither Skeleton Zoglin Zombie Zombie Villager
  1. a b Only the riding mob of the pair is hostile. The mount remains passive after its rider is killed.
  2. Becomes passive when not touching water during daytime.
  3. If a baby hoglin is attacked by the player, it temporarily becomes neutral, fleeing the player after getting attacked.
  4. If a pillager breaks its crossbow, then it becomes passive.[Java edition only]
  5. The skeleton variant is always hostile, while the spider follows its normal rules.

Boss mobs[]

Boss mobs are special hostile mobs that are distinctly more dangerous and tougher than other mobs. They do not spawn randomly, and are confronted intentionally. They also have a boss bar featuring their name and health. Boss mobs provide unique challenges but also equivalent rewards. Some players also consider elder guardians and ravagers as bosses, even though they don't have a bar.

EnderdragonFace.png WitherFace.png
Ender Dragon Wither

Upcoming mobs[]

Upcoming mobs are new mobs that are present only in development versions for an upcoming version. This excludes mobs that were announced (confirmed) to be added but yet did not appear in development versions. For announced mobs see Planned versions and for possible future mobs see Mentioned features.

AxolotlFace.png GoatFace.png
Axolotl Goat

Unused mobs[]

See also: Java Edition unused features and Bedrock Edition unused features

Only contains a few mobs that never spawn naturally in-game as they can only be summoned with the /summon command though the zombie horse can also be spawned in with a spawn egg.

ZombieFace.png ZombieHorseFace.png The Killer Bunny IllusionerFace.png Old Villager Old Zombie Villager
Giant[Java edition only] Zombie Horse The Killer Bunny[Java edition only] Illusioner[Java edition only] Old Villager [Bedrock edition only] Old Zombie Villager [Bedrock edition only]

Removed mobs[]

See also: Java Edition removed features

Removed mobs no longer exist in current versions of the game.

BeastBoyFace.png BlackSteveFace.png HumanFace.png PigmanFace.png RanaFace.png Steve
Beast Boy Black Steve Human Pigman Rana Steve

Joke mobs[]

See also: Easter Eggs§ April Fools' Day

Mobs that were added as a joke for April Fools' Day Πρότυπο:In.

HorseAprilFools Face.png PonyAprilFools Face.png FriendlyWither Face.png DiamondChicken Face.png RedstoneBug Face.png NerdCreeper Face.png
Horse Pony Pink Wither Diamond Chicken Redstone Bug Nerd Creeper

Mentioned mobs[]

See also: Java Edition mentioned features§ Voted updates

These mobs were part of the biome vote that took place in MINECON Earth 2018, the biome vote from MINECON Live 2019 and the mob vote on Minecraft Live 2020.

These mobs either lost the votes and were said to be added in a future update, or were announced but are not in any development versions of minecraft.[2][3][4]

Ostrich.jpg Termite.jpg Meerkat.jpg Vulture.jpg Frog.png MoobloomFace.png IceologerFace.png
Ostrich Termite Meerkat Vulture Frog Moobloom Iceologer

Unimplemented mobs[]

See also: Java Edition Mentioned features

Forgotten mobs that were planned to be added but either got replaced by other mobs or scrapped.

N/A MINECON 2017 Mob A.jpg MINECON 2017 Mob C.jpg MINECON 2017 Mob D.jpg
Red Dragon Mob A "The Monster of The Ocean Depths" Mob C "The Great Hunger" Mob D "The Hovering Inferno"

Education Edition exclusive mobs[]

These mobs are exclusive to Education Edition.

AgentFace.png NPCFace.png
Agent NPC

Mob vote[]

In two of the annual Minecraft events (MINECON Earth 2017 and Minecraft Live 2020) or other occasions, sometimes a vote is made in which the public votes on the mob that will be added, with the first vote the phantom (then known as 'Mob B' or 'The Monster of the Night Skies'), won and was added, the second time the glow squid won and is pending to be added.


Weaknesses and immunities[]

Some mobs are weak or immune to certain kinds of damage. Sea creatures, such as turtles, take more damage from tridents that are enchanted with Impaling.[Java edition only]Πρότυπο:Until Skeletons and their variants are immune to drowning. All undead mobs are healed by Potions of Harming, but take extra damage from weapons enchanted with Smite, along with taking damage from Potions of Healing. Many of these weaknesses and immunities are a result of what category (see below) of mobs that the mob falls into.

Undead mobs[]

A dying zombie.

This group of mobs includes drowned, husks, phantoms, skeletons, skeleton horses, strays, withers, wither skeletons, zoglins, zombies, zombie horses, zombie villagers, and zombified piglins. These mobs are damaged by potions of Healing, healed by potions of Harming, and are immune to drowning (except for husks and zombies) and poison damage. Zombies, zombie villagers, drowned, skeletons, strays, and phantoms burn when under direct sunlight, unless they are touching water or wearing a helmet. Under the fire resistance effect, undead mobs still catch fire in direct sunlight but do not take damage. All undead mobs except for drowned, phantom, and wither sink in water. All undead mobs take extra damage from weapons enchanted with Smite, and are ignored by withers.

Most undead mobs have the ability to pick up items. Some can spawn wearing armor, or holding tools or weapons.

Water-based mobs[]

Dolphins chasing after a raw cod item.

This group of mobs includes axolotls, dolphins, squid, guardians, elder guardians, turtles, cod, salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish, but not drowned.[5] They take extra damage from tridents enchanted with Impaling,[Java edition only]Πρότυπο:Until and do not cause pufferfish to inflate nor take damage from them. All water mobs except dolphins are immune to drowning, and all except guardians, elder guardians, and turtles take suffocation damage if out of water for too long. Water mobs have the ability to swim, whereas other mobs simply float on water or sink.


A spider.

This group consists of mobs based on arthropods, namely bees, cave spiders, endermites, silverfish, and spiders. They take extra damage and receive the Slowness IV effect when attacked with weapons enchanted with Bane of Arthropods. Both types of spider are immune to the effects of poison. Silverfish infest infested blocks.


Illagers on a raid

This group includes pillagers, illusioners, evokers, vindicators, and ravagers. They are immune to evoker fangs damage and ignored by vindicators named "Johnny". They are hostile to villagers, wandering traders, iron golems and players. Witches, and vexes may accompany them in raids. Illusioners (and witches[Bedrock edition only]) can see players or targets through blocks. Vindicators named "Johnny" attack ravagers, as they are not illagers[Java edition only].

Knockback resistance[]

Some non-boss mobs resist a percentage of knockback from attacks.

  • Iron golems: 100%
  • Shulkers: 100%
  • Squid: 85% when out of water[Verify]
  • Ravagers: 75%
  • Hoglins and zoglins: 60%
  • Drowned, Husks, Zombies, Zombie Villagers, Zombified Piglins: 0–5% (determined upon spawning)

Platform availability[]

Mob Java Edition Bedrock Edition Education Edition
Agent No No Yes
Axolotl Upcoming Planned No
Bat Yes Yes Yes
Bee Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Yes Yes Yes
Cat Yes Yes Yes
Cave Spider Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Yes Yes Yes
Chicken Jockey Yes Yes Yes
Cod Yes Yes Yes
Cow Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Dolphin Yes Yes Yes
Donkey Yes Yes Yes
Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Elder Guardian Yes Yes Yes
Ender Dragon Yes Yes Yes
Enderman Yes Yes Yes
Endermite Yes Yes Yes
Evoker Yes Yes Yes
Fox Yes Yes Yes
Ghast Yes Yes Yes
Giant Yes No No
Goat Planned Upcoming No
Guardian Yes Yes Yes
Horse Yes Yes Yes
Hoglin Yes Yes n/a
Husk Yes Yes Yes
Illusioner Yes No No
Iron Golem Yes Yes Yes
Killer Bunny Yes No No
Llama Yes Yes Yes
Magma Cube Yes Yes Yes
Mooshroom Yes Yes Yes
Mule Yes Yes Yes
NPC No Yes Yes
Ocelot Yes Yes Yes
Old Villager No Yes No
Old Zombie Villager No Yes No
Panda Yes Yes Yes
Parrot Yes Yes Yes
Phantom Yes Yes Yes
Pig Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Yes Yes n/a
Piglin Brute Yes Yes n/a
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Polar Bear Yes Yes Yes
Pufferfish Yes Yes Yes
Rabbit Yes Yes Yes
Ravager Yes Yes Yes
Salmon Yes Yes Yes
Sheep Yes Yes Yes
Shulker Yes Yes Yes
Silverfish Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horse Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horseman Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes
Snow Golem Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Spider Jockey Yes Yes Yes
Squid Yes Yes Yes
Stray Yes Yes Yes
Strider Yes Yes n/a
Trader Llama Yes Yes Yes
Tropical Fish Yes Yes Yes
Turtle Yes Yes Yes
Vex Yes Yes Yes
Villager Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Wandering Trader Yes Yes Yes
Witch Yes Yes Yes
Wither Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Wolf Yes Yes Yes
Zoglin Yes Yes n/a
Zombie Horse Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Villager Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Piglin Yes Yes Yes

Damage dealt by hostile and neutral mobs[]

The damage mobs deal to players is affected by the difficulty of the game. The below values represent the amount of damage taken per hit.

  • This only applies to mobs attacking the player. Mobs attacking other mobs (wolves, iron golems, etc.) always deal the 'Normal' damage listed, regardless of difficulty.
  • Values for the creeper and ghast assume the player is directly adjacent to the explosion.
  • The damage of slimes and magma cubes depends on their size. Tiny-sized slimes, while hostile, are unable to do damage directly.
  • In contrast, the damage for an iron golem just has a large random factor.
  • Mobs deal no damage on peaceful, apart from the wolf.
Mob Difficulty
Easy Medium Hard
Blaze 4 () 6 () 9 ()
Blaze's fireball 5 () 5 () 5 ()
Cave spider 2 () 2 () 3 ()
Creeper's explosion 25 ( × 12.5) 49 ( × 24.5) 73 ( × 36.5)
Charged creeper's explosion 49 ( × 24.5) 97 ( × 48.5) 145 ( × 72.5)
Elder guardian 5 () 8 () 12 ()
Ender dragon 6 () 10 () 15 ()
Enderman 4 () 7 () 10 ()
Endermite 2 () 2 () 2 ()
Evoker's fangs 6 () 6 () 6 ()
Ghast's fireball impact 6 () 6 () 6 ()
Ghast's fireball explosion 9 () 17 () 25 ( × 12.5)
Giant (unused) 26 ( × 13) 50 ( × 25) 75 ( × 37.5)
Guardian 4 () 6 () 9 ()
Iron golem 4 ()11 () 7 ()21 ( × 10.5) 10 ()31 ( × 15.5)
The Killer Bunny 5 () 8 () 12 ()
Llama's spit 1 () 1 () 1 ()
Magma cube (big) 4 () 6 () 9 ()
Magma cube (small) 3 () 4 () 6 ()
Magma cube (tiny) 2 () 3 () 4 ()
Polar bear 4 () 6 () 9 ()
Shulker's bullet 4 () 4 () 4 ()
Silverfish 1 () 1 () 1 ()
Skeleton's arrow 1 ()4 () 1 ()4 () 1 ()5 ()
Slime (big) 3 () 4 () 6 ()
Slime (small) 2 () 2 () 3 ()
Slime (tiny) 0 () 0 () 0 ()
Spider 2 () 2 () 3 ()
Vex 5 () 9 () 13 ()
Vindicator 7 () 13 () 19 ()
Wither skeleton 4 () 7 () 10 ()
Wither skull 5 () 8 () 12 ()
Wolf (tamed) 3 () 4 () 6 ()
Wolf (hostile) 2 () 2 () 3 ()
Zombie 2 () 3 () 4 ()
Zombie pigman 5 () 9 () 13 ()

Common NBT data



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Advancements are made when a player accomplishes something that is either rare to accomplish or sometimes easy to do so (such as Adventure for killing or getting killed by an entity).Πρότυπο:Load advancements


For issues unique to specific mobs, see that mob's issues section.

Issues relating to “Mob“ are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.



  • Renaming a mob "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" using a spawn egg or name tag causes it to flip upside down.
  • Renaming a sheep "jeb_" makes its wool change color with a smooth transition between colors. Note that the sheep named "jeb_" drops only the color of wool it had when named (e.g., when a pink sheep is named "jeb_" and then sheared when its color has changed to blue, it still drops pink wool).
  • Renaming a vindicator "Johnny" makes it attack all nearby mobs, except other illagers.
  • Renaming a rabbit "Toast" gives the rabbit a new texture, as an Easter egg to xyzen420's girlfriend's missing rabbit.[6]
  • Spiders, cave spiders, slimes, silverfish and illusioners are some of the few mobs that can see players behind walls.
  • Cats and villagers can see players with the invisibility effect.
  • There are many blocks in the game that do not take up a full block, and mobs actually see many of these as full blocks.
    • With some blocks, mobs mistake them for air, such as carpets, snow, and string.