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The Official Minecraft Books are a series of guidebooks for Minecraft, written for new and inexperienced players while being high-quality enough for collectors. The books are written by various authors; a few of them being well-known Minecraft personalities such as Jordan Maron and Paul Soares Jr. Originally published by Scholastic beginning in 2013, publishing rights were later transferred to Del Rey Books in 2016, who have continued publishing various Minecraft books to this day.


Essential Handbook[]

Updated Essential Handbook.png

Author(s): Stephanie Mildon, Paul Soares Jr., and Jordan Maron (made in conjunction with Notch and Jeb)

The Essential Handbook contains information on surviving the first few days, making shelters, crafting tools and weapons, and finding both resources and food. In July 2015, an updated version of the book was released. This is the first book to be made, as well as the first to be published by Scholastic.[1]

Redstone Handbook[]

Updated Redstone Handbook.png

Author(s): Nick Farwell

The Redstone Handbook contains information on redstone circuits, including basic components of redstone, simple circuits like logic circuits, T flip-flops and clock circuits, larger circuits like a compact block swapper and a minecart station, and up to complex contraptions like minigames, automated farms, and full scale computers complete with memory. It also contains construction ideas to implement new knowledge. In July 2015, an updated version of the book was released.[2]

Combat Handbook[]

Combat Handbook.png

Author(s): Stephanie Milton

The Combat Handbook contains information about armor and weapons. It also contains almost every mob's strengths and weaknesses plus combat advice, including advice for zombies, skeletons, blazes, ghasts, the wither and the ender dragon. Later in the guide it includes information on potions, traps with schematics, and enchanting tips and tricks, Lastly, it contains information about player versus player combat, or PvP, including a pre-battle checklist on and how to make and raid bases. In July 2015, an updated version of the book was released.[3]

Construction Handbook[]

Updated Construction Handbook.png

Author(s): Matthew Needler and Phil Southam

The Construction Handbook contains step-by-step instructions on how to build things such as the player's first house and gardens to decorate it, fortified walls for a city, suspension bridges to cross a river in style, floating islands, pirate ships, and roller-coasters. It also includes examples of FyreUK's builds and other creations in Minecraft. In July 2015, an updated version of the book was released.[4]

Minecraft Blockopedia[]

Minecraft Blockopedia.jpeg

Author(s): Alex Wiltshire

The Minecraft Blockopedia provides information on every single block in the game up to Java Edition 1.8. This is also the last book to be published by Scholastic, as publishing rights would later be transferred to Del Rey Books, beginning with the book below.[5]

The Survivors' Book of Secrets[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton

The Survivors' Book of Secrets contains information and tips on things such as inventory layout, home design, defenses, and additional items such as spectral arrows and shields. This is also the first book to be published by Del Rey Books.[6]

Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress[]


Author(s): Craig Jelley

Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress contains information on how to put together a medieval fortress.[7]

Guide to Exploration[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton, Marsh Davies, and Owen Jones

The Guide to Exploration provides information on different biomes, as well as the mobs that inhabit them.[8]

An updated version was released on May 5, 2020, retitled as the Guide to Survival.

Guide to Creative[]


Author(s): Craig Jelley, Stephanie Milton, Marsh Davies, and Owen Jones

The Guide to Creative provides information on planning builds, Creative mode as a whole, as well as decorating and designing builds.[9]

Guide to The Nether & The End[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton, Marsh Davies, and Owen Jones

The Guide to The Nether & The End provides information on the environments for both dimensions, as well as the generated structures and mobs that inhabit them.[10]

Guide to Redstone[]


Author(s): Craig Jelley and Marsh Davies

The Guide to Redstone provides information on how redstone works, as well as tutorials on how to make circuits and numerous mechanics.[11]

Minecraft Mobestiary[]

Minecraft Mobestiary.png

Author(s): Alex Wiltshire

The Minecraft Mobestiary provides general information on the mobs that are in the game from an in-lore perspective, as if a person inside of Minecraft's world were writing the entries. It also has information on mobs that does not appear anywhere else.[12]

Guide to Farming[]


Author(s): Alex Wiltshire

The Guide to Farming provides information on planting crops, as well tutorials on how to make mob and block farms.[13]

Guide to Enchantments & Potions[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton and Marsh Davies

The Guide to Enchantments & Potions' provides information on how to obtain enchantments, as well as what effects that potions can have.[14]

Guide to PvP Minigames[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton and Craig Jelley

The Guide to PvP Minigames provides information on various minigames, as well as how they work.[15]

Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton

Let's Build! Theme Park Adventure provides a tutorial on how to build a theme park in Minecraft.[16]

Minecraft for Beginners[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton

Minecraft for Beginners provides a guide for building shelter, finding food, and the mobs encountered, among other things.[17]

Let's Build! Land of Zombies[]


Author(s): Ed Jefferson

Let's Build! Land of Zombies provides a tutorial on how to build things related to zombies in Minecraft.[18]

Minecraft Maps[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton

Minecraft Maps provides a look at all fifteen biomes featured in Minecraft.[19]

Guide to Ocean Survival[]


Author(s): Stephanie Milton

The Guide to Ocean Survival provides information regarding what are in the oceans in Minecraft, and how to survive in them.[20]

Epic Bases[]


Author(s): Thomas McBrien

Minecraft: Epic Bases provides information on how to make structures such as airships and underwater traps, as well as complex redstone mechanisms.[21]



Annual 2014.jpg

The Minecraft Annual 2014 provides additional tips and information about the game.[22]



The Minecraft Annual 2017 provides survival challenges, tutorials on how to recreate builds from various Minecraft personalities, as well as info on MINECON and Block by Block.[23]



The Minecraft Annual 2018 provides information about adventure mode and Realms, as well as a look back at Minecraft: Story Mode.[24]



The Minecraft Annual 2019 provides building challenges, as well as a look at some builds made by the community.[25]



The Minecraft Annual 2020 provides a look back at ten years of Minecraft, including various builds, games, and challenges, as well as interviews with Mojang staff.[26]