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Latest version

Wii U: 1.0.1
iOS: 1.6
Android: Varies with device
Amazon: 1.37
Apple TV: 1.1


ESRB: E10+[2]
PEGI: 12+[3]
ACB: PG[4]
OFLC: PG-VL (Episodes 1 - 2)[5]
OFLC: PG-V (Episodes 3 - 8)[6]
DEJUS: 10[7][8][9]
USK: 6[10]
Apple: 9+[11]
Google: Everyone 10+[12]
Amazon: Guidance Suggested[13]
Windows 10: Everyone 10+[14]


PC: 3.61 GB[note 1][note 2]
Mac: 3.87 GB[note 1][note 2]
PS3: 3.1 GB[note 1][note 2]
PS4: 4.21 GB[note 1][note 2]
Xbox 360: 3.53 GB[note 1][note 2]
Xbox One: 5.05 GB[note 1][note 2]
Wii U: 678 MB[note 1][note 2]
iOS: 1.09 GB[note 1][note 2]
Android: Varies with device
Amazon: 1 - 1.1 GB[note 1][note 2]
Windows 10: 5.52 GB[note 1][note 2]
Apple TV: 167 MB[note 1][note 2]



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We've worked closely with the amazing team at Mojang to ensure this story is a natural fit for the Minecraft world fans already know and love. As Jesse, players will steer their own path through a tale of adventure and survival; all brought to life by an all-star cast. Through Telltale's choice-based gameplay and a story spanning from the Nether to the Farlands, the End, and beyond, we can't wait for fans to experience this new take on the beloved world of Minecraft.
Kevin Bruner on Minecraft: Story Mode[15]

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic point-and-click narrative-driven graphic adventure video game based on the sandbox video game Minecraft, released in October 2015 across multiple platforms with a Windows 10 release on December 16, 2015, a Wii U release on January 21, 2016, a Apple TV release on August 24, 2016, and a Nintendo Switch release arriving at a later date.[16][17] The game was developed by Mojang AB, the developer of Minecraft, in collaboration with Telltale Games. Music for the game was composed by Anadel, an atmospheric folk band based in California.[18] The game follows the episodic format that Telltale has used for its previous titles, where player choices and actions have siginificant effects on later story elements.


Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic point-and-click narrative-driven graphic adventure video game similar to Telltale's previous titles such as Tales from the Borderlands. The player is able to collect items, solve puzzles, and talk to non-player characters though conversation trees to learn about the story and determine what to do next. Like other Telltale Games, decisions that the player makes will have an impact on story elements in future episodes.[19] However, unlike Telltale's previous games that carry more mature or emotional overtones including the death of major characters, Story Mode is known as a family-friendly title, so the decisions are still pivotal and emotional but do not involve mature imagery or themes.[19] Elements of crafting and building, central to Minecraft, are included in the gameplay, following a similar approach.[19] The game features combat and other action sequences, carried out through both quick time events similar to Telltale's other episodic games, and more arcade-like controls, such as steering around debris on a road.[20][21] The game also mixes new characters with original themes to make an entirely original Minecraft experience.[22]


This section contains detailed information about the plot of Minecraft: Story Mode that may spoil your enjoyment of the game itself. Please proceed at your own risk.

Episode 1: The Order of the Stone


Episode 2: Assembly Required


Episode 3: The Last Place You Look


Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place


Episode 5: Order Up!


Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery


Episode 7: Access Denied


Episode 8: A Journey's End?


Voice cast[]

Some characters in Story Mode (from left to right); Petra, Axel, Jesse, Olivia, Reuben and Lukas (in his original design)

In Story Mode, the player gets to choose the appearance of the main character, Jesse. The character can be either male or female and can also swap between varieties of clothing and skin tone.

Jesse and Friends[]

Patton Oswalt as Jesse (male), a huge fan of everything going on in Minecraft, as well as the main character[23]
Catherine Taber as Jesse (female)[24]
Dee Bradley Baker as Reuben, Jesse's pet pig who is smart and funny.[25]
Brian Posehn as Axel, who is fiercely loyal to his friends, but can appear to act impulsive.[23][25]
Ashley Johnson as Petra, who is tough, shrewd, and very protective of her friends.[23][25]
Martha Plimpton as Olivia, who is assertive and smart, but lacks patience.[23][25]
Matthew Porter as Lukas, a member of the Ocelots who later befriends Jesse and his / her group.[26]

Order of the Stone members[]

David Fennoy as Gabriel the Warrior, a powerful warrior who appears at EnderCon[23]
Erin Oosbree as Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, who is very smart, but whereabouts are slightly hazy[26]
Corey Feldman as Magnus the Rogue, who is hard to find but is also an impressive griefer who appreciates the "art" of it[26]
John Hodgman as Soren the Architect, who is the hardest to find and whereabouts have not been known for a while[26]
Paul Reubens as Ivor, a former member of the Order who distrusted Soren after the command block incident, and has vowed to demolish the world of Minecraft[26]

Other characters[]

William West as the narrator, Siggie, and the fanboy[26]
Gina Keali'inohomoku Bowes as Maya, Ivy, and the fangirl
Phillip LaMarr as Gill, a member of the Ocelots, later known as the Blaze Rods.
Matthew Miller as Aiden, Otis, Schoolboy, TNT Dustin and Griefer #2
Jason Topolski as Usher, Disco Mickey, Griefer #5, PAMA, and Reuben
Erin Yvette as the announcer of the Endercon building competition, Mabel, Farmer Gloria and Griefer #1
Lydia Winters as herself
Owen Jones as himself
Ursula Taherian as Nohr
Samuel Riegel as Griefer #3
Michael Gambino as Calvin and Griefer #4
A.J. Riebli III as the announcer of the Death Bowl
Sean Astin as Reginald, the loyal Captain of the Guard[27]
James Meskimen as Milo, the leader of the Build Club.[27]
Melissa Hutchison as Isa, the Founder of Sky City[27]
Joseph Garrett as Stampy Cat[28]
Stacy Hinojosa as stacyplays[28]
Daniel Middleton as DanTDM (The Diamond Minecart)[28]
Elizabeth Dwyer as LDShadowLady[28]
Jordan Maron as CaptainSparklez[28]
Adam Harrington as TorqueDawg
Ashly Burch as Cassie Rose
Roger L. Jackson as the White Pumpkin
Yvette Nicole Brown as Harper, the creator of PAMA.[29]
James Cummings as Hadrian, the leader of the Old Builders.[1]
Kari Wahlgren as Mevia, the Enforcer.[1]
Jamie Alcroft as Otto
Audrey Wasilewski as Em
Julianne Buescher as Nell and Clutch
John Sanders as Facemeat
Christopher B. Duncan as Slab

Additional voices[]

Ashley Albert
Will Beckman
Katrina Carras
Shelly Shenoy
Arthur von Nagel


The interactive storytellers at Telltale are giving players the chance to explore their own unique interpretation of the Minecraft universe. They've crafted a story that follows the logic of Minecraft, but still manages to feel original. It's actually pretty funny too. And the pig is adorable.
Owen Jones on Minecraft: Story Mode[15]

The idea for Minecraft: Story Mode came around the end of 2012 when Telltale was engaged in work for Tales from the Borderlands, an episodic series based on the Borderlands series. The idea of developing stories around other established video game franchises led the team to brainstorm the idea for a Minecraft-related game, given that the game was essentially a "blank canvas" for storytelling, according to Job Stauffer, and would create an interesting challenge.[19] Telltale began negotiations with Mojang at GDC 2013, and began work on the title shortly thereafter.[19] Stauffer noted that Microsoft's acquisition of Mojang was not a factor in the game's development, as their interaction with Mojang began well before Microsoft's offers.[19]

Telltale opted to create a new main character of Jesse for Minecraft: Story Mode instead of using the default "Steve" and "Alex" characters from Minecraft, feeling that they did not want to attempt to rewrite how players already saw these characters in the game.[30] Other primary characters in the game are loosely designed around archetypes of common player-characters for Minecraft, such that those that engage in building, fighting, or griefing other players.[31] The game will not attempt to provide any background for some concepts in Minecraft, such as the creepers, as to avoid the various interpretations that fans have done for these elements, though they will be elements of the game's story.[31]

Stauffer stated that the game's story would be aimed as family-friendly, similar to The Goonies or Ghostbusters;[19] their intended content would be equivalent to a PG-13 or PEGI-12 rating.[31] A number of the voice actors are alumni of such films of the 1980s such as Corey Feldman who starred in The Goonies, and the game includes various references to these types of films.[31] Stauffer reflected that while Telltale's more recent games like The Walking Dead were more mature stories, their original adventure games like Sam & Max and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People were written as family-friendly, and that they consider their approach to Story Mode as "part of our DNA". The story was aimed to be accessible to both existing players of Minecraft - both novice and advanced players - and to new audiences outside of the game.[19]

Minecraft: Story Mode was formally announced in December 2014 as a collaboration project between Mojang and Telltale Games; the announcement was presented as an interactive adventure game named "Info Quest II".[32] Its first trailer was released during the Minecon convention in early July 2015. Telltale has confirmed that they will release the game for the Wii U, representing the first time a Minecraft game has been released on a Nintendo platform.[19]

On August 24, 2015, Winters posted on Twitter that she had completed voiceover work for the game, but didn't specify if she voiced a character or did some narration for the game.[33]

On August 28, 2015, it was announced that the player will be able to choose the appearance of the main character, Jesse.[24]

On October 7, 2015, Anadel, an atmospheric folk band based in Napa, California, announced that they had composed the music for the game.[34]


The game is separated into five episodes, released in intervals between 2 weeks and 3 months.

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release
1 "The Order of the Stone" Dennis Lenart and Graham Ross Michael Choung and Laura Jacqmin October 13, 2015[16]
2 "Assembly Required" Jason Latino Joshua Rubin, Eric Stirpe and Tim Williams October 27, 2015[35]
3 "The Last Place You Look" Jonathan Stauder Michael Choung, Laura Jacqmin, Eric Stirpe and Tim Williams November 24, 2015[36]
4 "A Block and a Hard Place" Graham Ross and Rebekah Gamin-Arcovitch Brad Kane and Laura Jacqmin December 17, 2015
5 "Order Up!" Jonathan Stauder Eric Stirpe and Tim Williams March 29, 2016[27]

Supplemental episodes[]

On March 22, 2016, Telltale Games announced that three episodes will be available throughout 2016 as downloadable content.[27] These episodes will not be available under the season pass, and as such, must be purchased separately.[37] In order to download these episodes, you must have at least one episode from the main series.[27] Although these episodes are not part of the actual game, Telltale has officially marked them as episode 6, 7, and 8, respectively.[27]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original release
6 "A Portal to Mystery"[38] Sean Manning Eric Stirpe and Tim Williams June 7, 2016[28]
7 "Access Denied"[38] Rebekah Gamin-Arcovitch and Jason Pyke Luke McMullen and Eric Stirpe July 26, 2016[29]
8 "A Journey's End?"[38] Vahram Antonian[39] Eric Stirpe, Yale Hannon and Erica Harrell September 13, 2016[1]


MineCon 2015 Trailer[]

Episode 1 - The Order of the Stone Trailer[]

Episode 2 - Assembly Required Trailer[]

Episode 3 - The Last Place You Look Trailer[]

Episode 4 - A Block and a Hard Place Trailer[]

Episode 5 - Order Up! Trailer[]

Episode 6 - A Portal to Mystery Trailer[]

Episode 7 - Access Denied Trailer[]

Episode 8 - A Journey's End? Trailer[]


There are 32 achievements in Story Mode (33 on PlayStation), worth 1,000 Gamerscore on Xbox and Windows 10.

Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (If different) Xbox Points Trophy (PS)
AchievementSM1.png New Kid on the Block Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 1 20G Bronze
AchievementSM2.png Leveraging Resources Get creative at the crafting table Make a lever at a crafting table. 20G Gold
AchievementSM3.png Some Assembly Required Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 1 25G Bronze
AchievementSM4.png To Catch a Thief Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1 30G Bronze
AchievementSM5.png Out of the Frying Pan... Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 1 30G Silver
AchievementSM6.png Safety First Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 1 35G Silver
AchievementSM7.png The Calm Before the Storm Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 1 40G Silver
AchievementSM8.png Nether Say Die Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 2 20G Bronze
AchievementSM9.png Griefer Madness Acquire the Griefer Bring Magnus back to the temple. 25G Bronze
AchievementSM10.png Occam's Razor Acquire the Engineer Bring Ellegaard back to the temple. 30G Bronze
AchievementSM11.png No Time to Lose Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 2 35G Silver
AchievementSM12.png In the Shadow of Giants Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 2 40G Silver
AchievementSM13.png Left Behind Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 2 50G Gold
AchievementSM14.png Back to the Grind Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 3 20G Bronze
AchievementSM15.png A World of Pure Imagination Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 3 20G Bronze
AchievementSM16.png Pretender Man Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 3 25G Bronze
AchievementSM17.png When a Plan Comes Together Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 3 30G Silver
AchievementSM18.png Blockbuster Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 3 30G Silver
AchievementSM19.png Out With A Bang Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 3 35G Silver
AchievementSM20.png That's Some Pig Chew the fat with Reuben Have a conversation with Reuben. 40G Gold
AchievementSM21.png Dramatic Timing Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 4 20G Bronze
AchievementSM22.png In a Land Far Away Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 4 25G Bronze
AchievementSM23.png It Came From Outer Space Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 4 30G Silver
AchievementSM24.png The End of the Line Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 4 35G Silver
AchievementSM25.png From the Jaws of Defeat Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 4 40G Silver
AchievementSM26.png A New World Order Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 4 50G Gold
AchievementSM27.png Finders Keepers Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 5 20G Bronze
AchievementSM28.png Losers Weepers Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 5 25G Bronze
AchievementSM29.png Friends in High Places Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 5 30G Bronze
AchievementSM30.png Castles in the Sky Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 5 35G Silver
AchievementSM31.png Out of the Blue Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 5 40G Silver
AchievementSM32.png To Boldly Go... Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 5 50G Gold
AchievementSM33PS.png Chip Off the Old Block Earn all trophies - Platinum

Supplemental achievements[]

There are eighteen achievements available as downloadable content, worth 375 Gamerscore on Xbox and Windows 10.

Icon Achievement In-game description Xbox Points Trophy (PS)
AchievementSMDLC1.png Invitation to Die For Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 6 10G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC2.png Mr. Sandman Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 6 15G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC3.png Killer Instincts Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 6 20G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC4.png The Science of Deduction Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 6 20G Silver
AchievementSMDLC5.png From the Ashes Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 6 30G Silver
AchievementSMDLC6.png Elementary, My Dear Jesse. Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 6 30G Gold
AchievementSMDLC7.png Fighting Words Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 7 10G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC8.png Mining for Trouble Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 7 15G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC9.png Trust Falling Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 7 20G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC10.png Ghost in the Machine Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 7 20G Silver
AchievementSMDLC11.png Breaking and Entering Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 7 30G Silver
AchievementSMDLC12.png Offline Mode Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 7 30G Gold
AchievementSMDLC13.png Let the Games Begin Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 8 10G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC14.png Playing for Keeps Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 8 15G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC15.png Challenge: Accepted Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 8 20G Bronze
AchievementSMDLC16.png The Most Dangerous Game Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 8 20G Silver
AchievementSMDLC17.png Gaming the System Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 8 30G Silver
AchievementSMDLC18.png To the Victor Go the Spoils Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 8 30G Gold

System requirements[]

According to this page:


Component Windows Mac OS X
OS Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later OS X Lion (10.7.X) or later
Processor Intel Core2 Duo @ 2GHz or equivalent Intel @ 2.3GHz
Memory (RAM) 3GB or more 4GB or more
Hard disk space 8GB available space 8GB available space
Graphics Drivers AMD or NVidia with 512MB or more AMD or NVidia with 512MB or more
DirectX Version 11 or higher n/a
Sound Card DirectX 11 or later n/a
Notes Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics drivers. Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics, Mac Minis or early-generation MacBooks.

Recommended (PC)[]

Component Windows
Processor Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.3GHz or equivalent
Memory (RAM) 4GB or more
Graphics Drivers AMD or NVidia with 1024MB or more

Supported languages[]

According to the Steam page, the following languages are available in the game:

Languages Interface Full Audio Subtitles
English Yes Yes Yes
French Yes No Yes
German Yes No Yes
Spanish Yes No Yes
Russian Yes No Yes
Simplified Chinese Yes No Yes
Portuguese Yes No Yes


Episode 1: The Order of the Stone[]

Episode 3: The Last Place You Look[]

Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place[]

Episode 5: Order Up![]

Episode 6: A Portal to Mystery[]

Episode 7: Access Denied[]

See also[]


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