The choice of languages is a feature that allows changing languages for people who are not familiar with English. The language menu is accessible via a button in the main menu to the left of the options button, and from the options menu.

Previously, language packs were needed in order to change the in game language. Language packs are obsolete, due to the official implementation of other languages.

Each language also has a font, although most languages share the same font.[1]

Available languages

There are 96 languages, which are, in the order they appear in the menu:

# Name Language Locale Code Official language in Added in
1 Afrikaans Afrikaans af_ZA South Africa 12w01a (1.1)
2 اللغة العربية Arabic ar_SA North Africa + Middle East 12w01a (1.1)
3 Asturianu Asturian ast_ES Spain 1.7.4
4 Azərbaycanca Azerbaijani az_AZ Azerbaijan, Dagestan 1.7.10
5 Беларуская Belarusian be_BY Belarus 1.9
6 Български Bulgarian bg_BG Bulgaria 11w49a (1.1)
7 Brezhoneg Breton br_FR France 1.9
8 Català Catalan ca_ES Spain (Catalonia) & Andorra 12w01a (1.1)
9 Čeština Czech cs_CZ Czech Republic 11w49a (1.1)
10 Cymraeg Welsh cy_GB Wales 11w49a (1.1)
11 Dansk Danish da_DK Denmark, Faroe Islands 11w49a (1.1)
12 Österreichisches Deutsch Austrian German de_AT Austria 1.10
13 Deutsch German de_DE Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Belgium 11w49a (1.1)
14 Ελληνικά Greek el_GR Greece, Cyprus. 12w01a (1.1)
15 English (Australia) Australian English en_AU Australia 12w21b (1.3.1)
16 Canadian English Canadian English en_CA Canada 11w49a (1.1)
17 English (UK) British English en_GB Great Britain, India, Singapore, Ireland... 11w49a (1.1)
18 New Zealand English New Zealand English en_NZ New Zealand 1.9
19 ɥsᴉꞁᵷuƎ (ɯopᵷuᴉꞰ pǝʇᴉu∩) British English (upside down) en_UD Britain 1.9.2
20 Pirate Speak Pirate English en_7S None (Web language) 12w01a (1.1)
21 English (US) American English en_US USA Pre 0.0.0
22 Esperanto Esperanto eo_UY Constructed language (International) 12w05a (1.2)
23 Español (Argentina) Argentinian Spanish es_AR Argentina 11w49a (1.1)
24 Español (España) Spanish es_ES Spain 11w49a (1.1)
25 Español (México) Mexican Spanish es_MX Mexico 1.1
26 Español (Uruguay) Uruguayan Spanish es_UY Uruguay 1.1
27 Español (Venezuela) Venezuelan Spanish es_VE Venezuela 12w01a (1.1)
28 Eesti Estonian et_EE Estonia 11w49a (1.1)
29 Euskara Basque eu_ES Spain (Basque Country) & France 12w01a (1.1)
30 فارسی Persian fa_IR Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan 1.7.2
31 Suomi Finnish fi_FI Finland 11w49a (1.1)
32 Filipino Filipino fil_PH Philippines 1.7.2
33 Føroyskt Faroese fo_FO Faroe Islands 1.9
34 Français French fr_FR France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland, .... 11w49a (1.1)
35 Français québécois Canadian French fr_CA Canada 11w49a (1.1)
36 Frysk Frisian fy_NL The Nederlands 1.9
37 Gaeilge Irish ga_IE Ireland 12w21b (1.3.1)
38 Gàidhlig Scottish Gaelic gd_GB Scotland 1.9.2
39 Galego Galician gl_ES Galicia (Spain) 1.1
40 Gaelg Manx gv_IM Isle of Man 1.7.4
41 ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Hawaiian haw Hawaii 1.10
42 עברית Hebrew he_IL Israel 11w49a (1.1)
43 हिन्दी Hindi hi_IN India, Fiji 1.1
44 Hrvatski Croatian hr_HR Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 11w49a (1.1)
45 Magyar Hungarian hu_HU Hungary 11w49a (1.1)
46 Հայերեն Armenian hy_AM Armenia 13w38c (1.7)
47 Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian id_ID Indonesia 12w21b (1.3.1)
48 Íslenska Icelandic is_IS Iceland 11w49a (1.1)
49 Ido Ido io Constructed language 1.10
50 Italiano Italian it_IT Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City State. 11w49a (1.1)
51 日本語 Japanese ja_JP Japan 11w49a (1.1)
52 la .lojban. Lojban jbo_EN Constructed language 1.9
53 ქართული Georgian ka_GE Georgia 12w01a (1.1)
54 한국어 Korean ko_KR South Korea and North Korea 11w49a (1.1)
55 Kölsch/Ripoarisch Kölsch/Ripuarian ksh_DE Germany (Rhineland), Belgium, Netherlands 1.9
56 Kernewek Cornish kw_GB Cornwall 13w02a (1.5)
57 Latina Latin la_VA Vatican (no native speakers, was the language of Roman Empire during Antiquity) 13w38c (1.7)
58 Lëtzebuergesch Luxembourgish lb_LU Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium 13w38c (1.7)
59 Limburgs Limburgish li_LI The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany 1.9
60 LOLCAT LOLCAT lol_US None (Web language) 1.9
61 Lietuvių Lithuanian lt_LT Lithuania 11w49a (1.1)
62 Latviešu Latvian lv_LV Latvia 12w01a (1.1)
63 Te Reo Māori Māori mi_NZ New Zealand 1.7.10
64 Македонски Macedonian mk_MK Macedonia 1.9
65 Монгол Mongolian mn_MN Mongolia 1.10
66 Bahasa Melayu Malay ms_MY Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei 12w01a (1.1)
67 Malti Maltese mt_MT Malta 12w07a (1.2)[2]
68 Platdüütsk Low German nds_DE Germany, The Netherlands 1.7.4
69 Nederlands Dutch nl_NL The Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Suriname. 11w49a (1.1)
70 Norsk Nynorsk Norwegian Nynorsk nn_NO Norway 11w49a (1.1)
71 Norsk Norwegian no_NO Norway 11w49a (1.1)[3]
72 Occitan Occitan oc_FR Occitania (Val d'Aran in Spain, southern tier of France, several alpine valleys of Piedmont) 13w38c (1.7)
73 Polski Polish pl_PL Poland 11w49a (1.1)
74 Português (Brasil) Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR Brazil 11w49a (1.1)
75 Português (Portugal) Portuguese pt_PT Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, ... 11w49a (1.1)
76 Quenya Quenya (Form of Elvish from LOTR) qya_AA Constructed language (Lord of the Rings: Aman) 1.1
77 Română Romanian ro_RO Romania, Moldova, Transnistria 12w01a (1.1)
78 Русский Russian ru_RU Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, .... 11w49a (1.1)
79 Davvisámegiella Northern Sami sme Norway, Sweden, Finland 1.8
80 Slovenčina Slovak sk_SK Slovakia 12w01a (1.1)
81 Slovenščina Slovenian sl_SI Slovenia 11w49a (1.1)
82 Af-Soomaali Somali so_SO Somalia 1.9
83 Shqip Albanian sq_AL Albania 1.9
84 Српски Serbian sr_SP Serbia (Kosovo), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro 12w01a (1.1)
85 Svenska Swedish sv_SE Sweden, Finland 11w49a (1.1)
86 Oschdallgaierisch Swabian German swg_DE Germany 1.10
87 ภาษาไทย Thai th_TH Thailand 12w01a (1.1)
88 Filipino Filipino tl_PH The Philippines 1.7.2
89 tlhIngan Hol Klingon tlh_AA Constructed language (Star Trek: the Klingon Empire) 12w01a (1.1)
90 Türkçe Turkish tr_TR Turkey 11w49a (1.1)
91 Talossan Talossan tzl_TZL Constructed Language 1.9
92 Українська Ukrainian uk_UA Ukraine, Transnistria. 12w01a (1.1)
93 Valencià Valencian ca-val_ES Spain 1.7.4
94 Tiếng Việt Vietnamese vi_VN Vietnam 1.1
95 简体中文 Chinese (Simplified) zh_CN China, Singapore 11w49a (1.1)
96 繁體中文 Chinese (Traditional) zh_TW Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau. 12w01a (1.1)


aA bB cC dD eE fF gG hH iI jJ kK lL mM nN oO pP qQ rR sS tT uU vV wW xX yY zZ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + = ~ [ ] { } | \ : ; " ' , < > . ? /

Minecraft's font is made up of a grid of dots (based on a Northern European code page from MS-DOS[citation needed]). Each character supported by the font is between 1 and 6 dots wide, although most are 5. Characters not supported by this font have thinner lines and instead use computer pixels instead of bigger dots. This will also happen when using certain languages, like French. Text is normally white in chat and black on signs, but it can be changed with formatting codes.


Here is a table that summarizes the modifications of languages through the updates:

Version Added Removed Total
Release Snapshot
1.1 11w49a 35 36
12w01a 17 3 50
(1.1 release) 6 56
1.2.1 12w05a 1 57
12w07a 1 58
1.3.1 12w21b 3 61
1.5 13w02a 2 1 62
1.7.2 13w38c 4 ? 66
1.7.4 3 ? 69
1.7.10 1 ? 70
1.8 1 ? 71
1.9 13 ? 89
1.9.2 25 April 2016 2 91
1.10 5 96

Upcoming languages

Upcoming and still-in-progress translations are listed on the official Minecraft translation project page

Removed languages

Austrian German was removed from Minecraft temporarily in version 12w01a because German was too similar to Austria German. However, it has been re-included to the game again in version 1.10.

Name Language Locale Code Official language in Added in Removed in Reason
Español (La) Latino-American Spanish es_LA South America 11w49a (1.1) 12w01a (1.1) Replaced by Argentinian, Mexican, Venezuelan, and Uruguayan Spanish translations.
Norsk Bokmål Norwegian nb_NO Norway 11w49a (1.1) 13w02a (1.5) Added 'Norsk' (no_NO) instead.


  • In some languages, the text is too long and overflows the button it is written on.
  • Splash texts are not translated and therefore always show up in English regardless of language setting.
    • As of 1.6.1, you can use a custom (not just translated) splash text by using a resource pack.
  • Minecraft's language option is only for text display. In some languages (such as Chinese, Japanese and so on) players cannot input text in their languages. This is because Minecraft doesn't support the Input method of the language. Some users can still use Mods which support it.
  • Alternative language input was partially resolved in 15w34c when MC-2781 was fixed, but still is not functional for all systems.


  • Minecraft is available in four constructed languages: Esperanto (devised as an international language now estimated to be spoken by between 100,000 and 2,000,000 people worldwide), Klingon (an alien language from Star Trek devised by linguist Marc Okrand), Quenya (one of the Elvish languages devised by J.R.R. Tolkien) and Lojban (a language created by the Logical Language Group). It is also available in the joke "languages" of Pirate Speak (English written in the way a stereotypical pirate talks), LOLCAT (English written in the way a stereotypical Lolcat talks), and upside down English. Latin, while not considered a constructed language, is not commonly spoken even in the Vatican.
  • It is possible to add a custom language pack by modifying the minecraft.jar file, or, as of 13w16a, copying it to the assets/lang folder. In 1.6.1 (13w24a), this functionality was added to resource packs.
  • Random text will only choose random characters with the same width as the original.
  • Certain letters with certain accents are supported by the font, but not all of them. GNU Unifont is used for many languages like French or Pirate.
  • The only 6-dot-wide characters are ®, ~, and @.


  1. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean shares the use of Han characters. See wikipedia:CJK Unified Ideographs.
  2. Maltese added in 11w49a but removed in 12w01a. It's re-added in 12w07a.
  3. File 'no_NO.lang' is found in 11w49a, but it's not selectable from language menu. no_NO is added to language menu in 13w02a.

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