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LEGO Minecraft are LEGO-themed sets based on Minecraft. Currently, there are fourteen sets available.

One Minecraft block is represented as a 1×1 plate with a tile on top. LEGO states that this is not a perfect cube, but it is "the best approximation at the chosen scale." There are two types of sets - the "Micro World" sets and the normal LEGO sets. The "Micro World" sets contain modules which are 12×12, and may come with several of these modules. Since then the "Micro World" Sets have been discontinued.

Set information[]

The Micro World set centers around the Player (Steve) and one of the game's antagonists, a Creeper. The scene is depicted in the Overworld and depicts a few biomes, including a mountain, caves, forest and grassland. The Village features structures in the village, and an abandoned mineshaft. It includes blocks for constructing houses, along with the Pig, Villager, and Zombie figures. The Nether is a stylised depiction of the Nether, and contains a lava sea, a lava stream flowing down a hill, Nether Fortress, and a Nether Portal to connect to the Overworld. It also includes two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman. The End is a stylised depiction of the End, and contains the Ender Dragon, six obsidian pillars with ender crystals on top of them, an exit end portal and endermen.

The "Micro World" sets can be purchased through the websites Jinx and Lego.com.[1]

The normal LEGO Minecraft sets feature different parts of Minecraft. All the sets include Steve or Alex and at least one mob. The Cave features a cave in Minecraft with different ores and mobs. The Farm features a normal farm in with one cow and one sheep and a skeleton. It includes a crop farm too. The First Night features a basic house in Minecraft and a farm with a pig and a Creeper.

Set No. Set Price Release Pieces Minifigures Ref.
21102 Micro World The Forest $34.99 / €34.99 June 1, 2012 480 Steve, Creeper [2]
21105 Micro World The Village $34.99 / €34.99 September 1, 2013 466 Villager, Pig, Zombie [3]
21106 Micro World The Nether $34.99 / €34.99 September 1, 2013 469 Zombie Pigman, 2 Ghast [3]
21107 Micro World The End $34.99 / €34.99 June 1, 2014 440 Ender Dragon, 4 Enderman
21113 The Cave $19.99 November 15, 2014 249 Steve, Zombie, Spider
21114 The Farm $29.99 November 15, 2014 262 Steve, Skeleton, Cow, Sheep
21115 The First Night $39.99 November 15, 2014 408 Steve, Creeper, Pig
21116 Crafting Box $49.99 November 15, 2014 518 Steve , Skeleton, Mooshroom
21117 The Ender Dragon $69.99 November 15, 2014 634 Steve, Ender Dragon, Enderman
21118 The Mine $109.99 November 15, 2014 922 Steve, Skeleton, Zombie, Creeper, Spider
21119 The Dungeon $19.99 August 1, 2015 219 Steve, 2 Zombie [4]
21120 The Snow Hideout $34.99 August 1, 2015 327 Steve, Creeper, Snow Golem [4]
21121 The Desert Outpost $59.99 August 1, 2015 519 Steve, Alex, Wolf, 2 Skeleton [4]
21122 The Nether Fortress $79.99 August 1, 2015 571 Steve, Alex, Ghast, Blaze, Zombie Pigman [4]
21123 The Iron Golem $19.99 March, 2016 208 Alex, Zombie, Iron Golem, Baby Pig [5]
21123 The Jungle Tree House $69.99 March, 2016 706 Alex, Steve, Creeper, Skeleton, Ocelot, Sheep [5]
853609 Skin Pack $14.99 September, 2016 25 Skins x 4
853610 Skin Pack $14.99 September, 2016 28 Skins x 4


Mojang had started a project on the LEGO CUUSOO program, which requires 10,000 signatures for a project to be approved. With the strong support of the Minecraft community, the 10,000 signature objective was achieved in three days,[6] and the development of the LEGO Minecraft set commenced after Lego reviewed the project. Mojang will donate 1% of the proceeds to charity.[6] The first set was subsequently released June 1, 2012.[7]

The second set The Village and the third The Nether were announced at Comic-Con 2013.[3] The fourth set "The End" was announced through a teaser on 8 March[8] followed by a reveal on 14 March on the LEGO Minecraft Facebook page.[9]

On the 2nd November 2013, during Minecon, it was announced that The Lego Group would be creating a fully fledged mini-figure scale theme. It is the first time Lego will be working with fans to create the new series of sets, they call this the co-build project.

Six more sets were released on 15 November, 2014. These were the first sets that did not follow the "Micro World" design of the previous sets. Another four sets were unveiled at the 2015 London Toy Fair.[4] These sets are expected to be released in August 2015.


  • The first set was released on Markus Persson's birthday.
  • The first page of the building instructions features a paragraph of text explaining what Minecraft is. This paragraph is a verbatim copy of the "About Minecraft" section on the wiki's Main Page.
  • Also, in the illustration in the first page Herobrine is present.
  • The Minecraft set introduced new kind of figure, called micromob.
  • The box for each set is styled after a different building block: "Micro World" resembles a Grass Block, "The Village" resembles Oak Wood Planks, "The Nether" resembles lava and "The End" resembles Obsidian.
  • Popular on-line Minecraft streamer "CaptainSparklez" voiced two of the commercials advertising LEGO Minecraft.[10]


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