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0.31 (December 23, 2009)

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Minecraft Indev (February 23, 2010)



This page contains content that is no longer in the game. 
These features only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft.

Indev (or In Development) was an older test version of Minecraft's Survival mode, which succeeded Survival Test in Classic Mode. Indev was phased out in favor of Infdev after infinite maps were to be added into the game.

Indev was initially released on December 23, 2009 after Notch received requests to let the community try out new features he was implementing. Indev version 0.31 was put to the public at minecraft.net/indev and available only to people who had purchased the game. New features currently contained a more complex and realistic lighting scheme than Classic mode's and support for MD3 mob models, demonstrated by Rana. Indev received 29 updates after this, gaining a few fundamental features to Minecraft as it went, which are listed below. During its lifespan, some updates were devoted mostly for testing new things, like torches or fire. As it progressed, its game play became standardized to that of Minecraft today, however with far fewer features.

Players would play on a limited map with dimensions determined by the shape and size characteristics. Game play was dramatically different from Survival Test and paved the way for future game modes to come. Players now had to use tools and weapons, gather and prepare food differently, utilize crafting and smelting and be wary of the time of day. Like Survival Test however, players still had to save their map to a file on their computer and reload it if they died.

Indev's limited maps soon raised opportunity for a game changing idea. On February 23, 2010, Indev received its last update and work on Infdev started, a new mode that would use maps that would have no boundaries and would go on forever. Indev remained available on minecraft.net during Infdev's life and into Alpha mode. In September 2010, Indev, along with Infdev were removed from the site and cannot be played anymore. A few functions that Indev contained are no longer seen in Minecraft today, such as picking out map characteristics, having to save and reload maps and the isometric map viewer. These were replaced by biomes, automatic map saving, respawning upon death and a new infinite map viewer (which has been removed).

The Indev House[]

The Indev House

The Indev House when it was made of moss stone.

When Indev was started, players were greeted with the newly added title screen, and the options to create a map or load a previous map. When creating a map, players had to assign four characteristics to their maps, the type, the shape, the size, and the theme. The map would then be created and spawn them in an “Indev House". An Indev House was a 7 block wide × 7 block long × 4 block tall structure, with a 1×2 hole for players to exit and two torches on the interior. The House would be formed around the player's spawn point. An Indev House began made of moss stone (which was unavailable naturally on the map anywhere else) and chests filled with TNT, a full stack (99 at the time) of every type of block and every type of item. As Indev progressed from testing items and blocks to testing the actual survival aspect, these chests were removed. Later still, the design of the house was changed. The floor was made stone and the walls and roof were made of planks.

Features over Survival Test[]

An Indev map created with a third party tool

For a complete list of changes, see Indev version history.
  • Inventory.
  • Crafting.
  • Map generation screen with configurable map themes, map types, and map shapes.
  • Dynamic lighting.
  • Other food like pork, bread and mushroom soup (later renamed stew) replaces mushrooms as consumable food to restore health.
  • A new tesselator to speed up the game.
  • Third person view toggle with F5.
  • Isometric screenshot captured with F7.
  • Decorative paintings.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Farming.
  • Updated Mobs (better path-finding, varying difficulty options).
  • Day and night cycle (including a sun and moon).
  • New map format (.mclevel).
  • Firing arrows requires a bow.
  • Furnaces and Smelting
  • Torches and Fire
  • New mob sounds(When attacked,pigs made an 'oink' sound,sheeps made a 'bah' sound while the hostile mobs and the player made the 'ooh' sound)
  • New title screen


  • You cannot play Indev with the new launcher (unless you have both the Indev jar and json file.).
  • It was possible that features like Indev's finite maps would have returned in the cancelled game mode Zombie Siege.
  • Inside the Beta 1.9 pre-release 6 jar's "title" folder is a file named 'earlyplayers.txt' that contains the account names of the supposed '1000 first paying alpha players' of Minecraft. According to a Reddit post by Jeb, the names were originally going to be displayed in the credits, but the list wasn't 100% accurate, so the idea was scrapped.[1]
  • Indev's terrain.png contained the texture for the Web block, although it would not be added until Minecraft Beta a year later. The colored Wool blocks from Classic mode were also possible to obtain in Indev through hacks.
    • There were textures for a chair block that were removed in Infdev. Any such block still does not exist, suggesting the idea was scrapped or has just been put off for a very long time.
  • If you try to play Indev today, without hacks or a proxy debugger, you will be kicked back to the main menu. On Indev 0.31 you will crash with a java.lang.NullPointerException. Sometimes this is caused by some folders or additional jars to be missing, but mostly the minecraft.net/indev login system removed.
  • Indev had no gaps in the bedrock layer, neither did Classic, though Infdev and Alpha (Before 1.2.0) had them.
  • In Indev and Infdev, while using a crafting table or inventory, the player's arm, while in first person view, would slowly sway back and forth. This does happen in early Alpha, but has been removed and is not currently known if it is intended to return.
  • If you go far out of the edge of the map in Indev, you would be pushed back to the level. The more you travelled in this point the faster you will be pushed back. This does not happen in 0.31 Indev.
  • If played today, Indev has sound, but Infdev does not. This is because Infdev resources were removed from minecraft.net/resources.
  • If you dig into Indev's files, there is something called cube_nes.png. This is the same color pallete as the Nintendo Entertainment System video game console.
  • If you play Indev today, your character will show up as a fully black figure. This is because Mojang removed support for skins via Indev. You can still become Steve by disconnecting from the internet.
    • If char.png in the game files is replaced with a custom skin, this will be used instead when disconnected from the internet.
  • Mobs in Indev used the default player hurt sound. They did not have their own special ones, as seen in modern versions of Minecraft.
  • The screen will sometimes go black after you generate a world set to the "Floating" map type. This may happen because "Floating" map types used a slightly different file format, which prevented you from converting them to Infdev.
  • There is a rare glitch that when you punch a sheep, it will drop magenta cloth instead of the normal gray cloth.

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