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Image for the Friendly Update released by Mojang


The Friendly Update is the name for Minecraft: Pocket Edition version Alpha v0.15.0, a major update released on June 10, 2016 for Android, and June 13, 2016 across all platforms.

The official name for the update, the Friendly Update, was revealed on June 3, 2016 in a blog post on the Mojang website.[1]

Notable features[]


  • Realms, which requires logging into an Xbox Live account
  • Achievements for iOS and Android devices
  • Online multiplayer via Xbox Live
  • Pig riding
  • Pistons and sticky pistons
  • The observer, a block update detector.
  • Sheep now drop mutton.
  • Tipped arrows, which are made by using cauldrons
  • Leather horse armor, which can be dyed.
  • Seven new mobs: horses, mules, donkeys, skeleton traps, zombie horses, strays, and husks.
  • Name tags
  • Leads
  • Fire charges
  • Carrot on a stick
  • Villages now spawn in taiga biomes and ice plains biomes.


  • Trapdoors no longer require supporting blocks.
  • Shears now lose durability when breaking any block.
  • For performance, online multiplayer now uses less bandwidth.
  • Villages in savanna biomes now use acacia wood.

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