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Data values

See Data values


See Data values

Flowers are naturally occurring plants that come in a variety of shapes and colors.


See also: Flower farming

Flowers can be instantly broken with any item (or no item). Flowers will also be broken if water runs over its location, or if a piston extends or pushes a block into its location. In Pocket Edition, breaking a tall flower drops two of itself, rather than just one of itself; this is MCPE-13304.

Natural generation[]

Flowers naturally generate on dirt and grass blocks. Even in a biome covered with snow, flowers will generate naturally on dirt blocks with grass, despite the adjoining dirt blocks being covered with snow. They also need light to grow if bonemeal is used on a grass block.

Eight allium flowers will always appear in a chest inside a woodland mansion's "Allium Room", which also has five potted allium flowers. The mansion can also have a flower room, which contains an oxeye daisy, azure bluet, blue orchid, and 2 allium, all potted. There is a potted allium in a small library room, a potted white tulip in a sanctuary room, a potted red tulip in a small office, a potted azure bluet in a birch arch room, a dining room with a potted oxeye daisy, a double bedroom with a potted allium, a triple bedroom with a potted azure bluet, and more.


Iron golems drop 0 to 2 poppies upon death.

Bone meal[]

When bone meal is applied to a grass block, flowers have a chance of generating instead of tall grass on the targeted block and adjacent grass blocks up to 7 blocks away (taxicab distance). The generated flower depends on the biome (see below).

When bone meal is applied to a double flower, a second double flower will spawn as an item.

Flower biomes[]

This chart shows the types of flowers that can naturally generate in each biome, and which biomes can generate flowers when bone meal is used on grass blocks. Flowers marked "generation" only generate as part of the biome from chunk generation.

Flower Plains Sunflower Plains Swamp Forest Flower Forest Any other
Dandelion Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Poppy Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Blue Orchid No No Yes No No No
Allium No No No No Yes No
Azure Bluet Yes Yes No No Yes No
Tulips Yes Yes No No Yes No
Oxeye Daisy Yes Yes No No Yes No
Sunflower No Generation No No No No
Lilac No No No Generation Generation No
Rose Bush No No No Generation Generation No
Peony No No No Generation Generation No


All flowers can be used as decoration and crafted into dyes; all can be planted in grass or dirt, and one-block flowers can be planted in a flower pot.


Sunflowers always face east, so they can be used as a direction guide.


Dandelions can be used to breed, grow and lead rabbits.

Crafting ingredient[]

Data values[]


Block ID Name Numerical ID
Dandelion yellow_flower 37
Flowers red_flower 38
Double Flowers double_plant 175

Block data[]

See also: Data values

Non-dandelion flowers use data values to differentiate between flower types. They also have block states which will replace data values in the future.

Block 37
DV Description
0 Dandelion
Block 38
DV Description
0 Poppy
1 Blue Orchid
2 Allium
3 Azure Bluet
4 Red Tulip
5 Orange Tulip
6 White Tulip
7 Pink Tulip
8 Oxeye Daisy
Block 175
DV Description
0 Sunflower
1 Lilac
2 Double Tallgrass
3 Large Fern
4 Rose Bush
5 Peony
8 Top Half of any Large Plant; low three bits 0x7 are derived from the block below.

Block state[]

See also: Block states


Name Value Description
blue_orchidBlue Orchid
houstoniaAzure Bluet
red_tulipRed Tulip
orange_tulipOrange Tulip
white_tulipWhite Tulip
pink_tulipPink Tulip
oxeye_daisyOxeye Daisy


Name Value Description
 typedandelion Dandelion


Name Value Description
The half of the plant contained in this block.
 variant sunflowerSunflower
double_grassDouble Tallgrass
double_fernLarge Fern
double_roseRose Bush
The direction the plant is facing. This is currently unused in-game.
Upper-half blocks are always 'north', and lower-half blocks are always 'east'.



0.0.20Yellow flowers and roses added.
Flowers could be placed on all block types, including lava and on top of each other. Flowers would also "float" when the block beneath them was broken.
0.24_06Flowers now generate naturally in worlds.
March 27, 2010Flowers no longer generate due to changes in the terrain generator.
June 16, 2010Flowers can naturally generate again.
1.6.6Flowers can now be regrown. Bone meal was given the ability to generate them as well as tall grass when used on a grass block.
1.8Yellow flowers became more abundant.
Official release
1.7.213w36aFlowers are now discentered like tall grass.
Renamed roses to poppies. Texture changed from Rose.png to Poppy.png.
Yellow flower renamed to dandelion.
Many new flowers were added: blue orchid, allium, azure bluet, tulip (red, orange, white, pink), oxeye daisy, sunflower, lilac, rose bush, and peony.
Flowers are now flammable.
1.814w17aDandelions generate in flower forest biomes.
14w27aDandelions can be used to breed tamed rabbits.
14w30aOxeye daisies can be used to apply patterns to banners.
1.8.1pre1Added facing state to minecraft:double_plant, though without visible effect.
1.1116w39aFlowers now generate in Woodland Mansions.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseRose added.
0.1.0Rose BE1.pngChanged texture of rose to be cyan instead of red as an attempt to fix hardware issues, making the version exclusive cyan flower.
0.4.0Added dye recipe for dandelions.
0.5.0Added names to items, giving the cyan flower the official name of Rose.
0.8.0build 5The position of flowers is now randomized.
0.9.0build 1Added new flowers: blue orchid, allium, azure bluet, tulip (red, orange, white, pink), oxeye daisy, sunflower, lilac, rose bush, and peony.
Replaced Rose BE1.png Cyan Flower with Poppy.png Poppy.
build 3Added dye recipes for all flowers.
0.13.0build 1Which flowers are created using bonemeal now depend on the biome.
0.14.0build 1Using bonemeal on a double flower will spawn another of that flower as an item.
build 3Hit boxes of flowers no longer occupy the entire block.
0.15.0build 2Changed rose bush and peony textures, ported from the Console Edition.
Console Edition
TU1CU11.00Patch 1Added yellow flowers and roses.
TU25CU141.17Changed rose texture to poppy texture. (Name didn't change)
TU31CU191.22Patch 3Added new flowers.
Renamed roses to poppies
TU36CU251.28Patch 6Changed rose bush and peony textures.


  • Due to the nature of the flowers' generation algorithm, it is possible (but relatively rare) to find naturally-generated flowers and grass in lava, caverns or abandoned mineshafts.
    • Also, it is possible to find flowers and seeds dropped as an item on the ground naturally, due to failure to generate on an acceptable block.
  • Like other non-solid transparent blocks, flowers can break falling objects, like sand.
  • Jeb noted that peonies were the flowers that were used for his wedding.[1]
  • Neither roses nor rose bushes apply damage when walked through, despite roses having thorns.
  • Flowers generated from bone meal in a flower forest biome depend only on the horizontal position; the world seed has no effect. The flowers generated with the chunk do depend on the world seed.
    • The flowers generate along a gradient: dandelion, poppy, allium, azure bluet, red tulip, orange tulip, white tulip, pink tulip, oxeye daisy.
  • Allium is a genus composed of bulb vegetables such as onions, garlic and related vegetables, which have large, pink inflorescences resembling that of the flower item.
  • Using bone meal on any small flower in Pocket Edition will generate more flowers around it, without grass.