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The message displayed upon loading the demo world.

The demo mode is a demo version of Minecraft for users who have not purchased the game yet and would like to try it out first, designed to replace the functionality of the outdated PC Gamer Minecraft demo.

The demo version of Minecraft can be played free-of-charge by registering a Mojang account and logging into the Minecraft launcher.


The demo version functionally serves to allow players to try out the game before making the decision to buy Minecraft. It allows players to play on a single world for a 100 minutes (5 in-game days) period, before the map is locked, and required to be reset.

While the demo version does not expire, it comes with certain restrictions, as its sole purpose is to allow new players to try out Minecraft.


Computer Edition

The following restrictions apply when playing the game in demo mode:

  • The demo map is preset and will always generate with the same seed which is -343522682.
    • This means that the player Spawn, Seed, and Generated structures are always the same.
  • Players are normally restricted to Survival mode.
    • However, the player can go to LAN and turn on cheats. Then the player can use commands to go to creative.
  • Multiplayer servers are inaccessible, although LAN multiplayer is allowed.
  • The game time is limited to five in-game days (1 hour and 40 minutes real time). After the time runs out, players can still navigate through the world, but not interact with it. Resetting the demo world also resets the demo timer.

Console Edition

A demo version of the Console Edition is available on all consoles but Wii U. The console edition demo has the following restrictions:

  • Players can only play the tutorial world. Clicking Play on the title screen takes the player directly into the tutorial.
    • The tutorial will start every time you enter the world, there is no option to skip it.
  • There is no multiplayer, as the world selection screen is skipped altogether.
  • Saving is unavailable. You will be asked to buy the full game when "Save Game" or "Exit and Save" are clicked.
  • Texture Packs, mash-up packs, and Skins, although they can be bought, cannot be used.

Pocket Edition

A demo version of Pocket Edition Alpha 0.2.1 was released, but was never updated and was eventually removed from app stores. The Pocket Edition demo had the following restrictions:

  • Worlds could not be saved. Upon clicking Play, players would be asked if they wanted to play in Creative Mode or Survival Mode without any world list shown whatsoever. Upon quitting, the world data would not be saved.
    • Seeds could not be used, as they could in the full version of Alpha 0.2.1
  • The blocks that the player could use were limited. Only 28 of the 49 items in the inventory could be selected.
    • Some of the blocks which were made unavailable were strange. For example, the player was able to use the shovel, the pickaxe and the axe, but not the sword.

Windows 10 Edition

A demo/trial version of Windows 10 Edition is obtained via clicking the Trial button at the Windows Store. It has the following restrictions:

  • The time limit is 90 minutes, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes real time.
  • You are not able to play Multiplayer, including LAN multiplayer.
  • You are not able to change the Global Resources and Add-ons.
  • You are restricted to Survival game mode.
  • You are restricted to Normal difficulty.
  • You are restricted with Cheats and Always Day option off.
  • You are not able to change the world seed.
    • Worlds always generate with the seed 818010429.
  • You are restricted to Infinite world type.


Official release
1.3.112w16aDemo mode added. During the snapshot releases, minecraft.jar must be launched directly with -demo parameter.
1.3.2Users can play the demo mode in the browser.
1.6.2The latest launcher version (1.3.4) allows players who have not yet bought Minecraft to play the game's demo.


  • The demo mode can be played by both paid players and players which are trying out the game.
  • It is possible to install modifications on the demo version.
  • Servers can be started with the --demo flag (This is technically what the launcher does). Everyone who joins the server will see the demo message.
  • If you try to play a demo version prior to 1.3 from the launcher using a non-premium account, you will be able to play the full version.
  • Typing in "North Carolina" in the seed screen of the full version will give the same world seed.
  • If you exit the game without clicking "Save & Quit", the game will not save.
  • If you transferred your Minecraft shortcut and directory to a another by a hard drive/disc/etc., it will still be in the demo version, and your previous worlds will not appear.
  • (Prior to 1.9) You can access the server list by enabling cheats and teleporting yourself past the edge of the world in creative. You can't join servers due to an invalid session.


Computer Edition

Pocket Edition

Windows 10 Edition

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