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In-game screenshot of the tutorial.

The Mansion in the 1.3-1.4 (TU7-TU11) Tutorial World.

The Console Edition tutorial is a short walk through of Minecraft's basic mechanics. It allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with the game, primarily with the Controls and the crafting system. Found only in the Console Edition, the tutorial takes place in a flat area, with trees in small clusters around the side. It will not let you leave the enclosed area until finishing or canceling the tutorial, though the player may do whatever they want within the enclosed area. Around the rest of the world there are approximately 12 hidden chests containing items and a music disc that you can search for.

Concepts covered[]

The tutorial walks the player through:

  • Chopping wood
  • Game controls
  • Creating planks and a crafting table
  • Inventory use
  • Creating basic tools
  • Using a furnace
  • Building a shelter
  • Surviving the night
  • Sprinting
  • Jumping
  • Hunger/Health

Other tutorials for items such as beds, Nether portals, boats, pistons, and fishing rods will pop up, but are not part of the main tutorial.

Tutorial area[]

The Minecraft logo as it appears in the tutorial.

  • The tutorial area is a flat plain with sparsely growing grass and flowers. There is a lake, with a chest containing 17 fishing rods next to it. There is also a river with a chest next to it, with 9 boats in it.
  • A pond lined with sand can be found in the field. Near this pond is a cobblestone wall with a redstone/piston demonstration area. Opposite, is an incomplete miner's shelter which you are tasked to complete during the tutorial. This shelter is surrounded by gravel, which has a path leading to the exit, which you can only pass through if you have either completed or cancelled the tutorial. Through this exit is a village or a castle. (TU7-TU11)


Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1Added tutorial, exclusive to the console edition.
TU3Added optional tutorial for pistons and redstone.
Added a self-building bridge to the castle using pistons.
Added some sugar cane, cacti and clay to the world.
Added a few other things for players to discover.
TU5Changed the tutorial world to enable the new terrain features in it.
Added tutorial for Creative Mode.
Added mini tutorial for sprinting in the tutorial world.
Added mini tutorial for eating in the tutorial world.
Added music disc quests in the tutorial world - players can search the world for the 12 chests, each containing one of the music discs that can be played in a jukebox.
TU7New tutorial world with new biome.
New mini-tutorials for new features.
Updated new music disc quest in the tutorial world.
TU9Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the tutorial world.
Changed the tutorial world to add climbable vines, and some of the new items, and removed/reduced the items in the brewing, farming and breeding chests.
TU12New tutorial world.
TU141.04New tutorials to the tutorial world for the new items & features.
Updated the positions of the music disc chests in the Tutorial World.
TU19CU71.12New tutorial world.
TU31CU191.22Patch 3Updated tutorial world.
TU46CU361.38Patch 15New tutorial world.


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