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Beta 1.7
Release date

June 30, 2011



Beta 1.7 is an update that added pistons as well as other changes.


  • Added pistons (sticky and normal)
  • Added shears
    • Used to pick up leaf blocks.
    • Used to obtain wool from a sheep without harming it. Yields more wool than killing it.
      • Sheep no longer drop wool from punching them, they must be sheared or killed.
  • Silverfish skin was added (for Beta 1.8).


  • Flint and steel or redstone is now required to trigger TNT.
  • Fences can be stacked.
  • Redstone wire now will connect to a redstone repeater.
  • New textures for cobblestone and brick blocks.
  • When pressing F3 in-game, a value ("F") from 0 to 3 will appear to indicate direction.
  • The gray textures in the breaking animation have been replaced with opacity.
  • Squid can now despawn.
  • Single slabs now use the bottom half of the full block's texture.
  • Cobweb now requires shears or a sword to be broken properly, and drops 1 string when destroyed.
  • The bed side texture has been moved in the texture pack file, as well as the cake texture.


1 bug fixed

  • Fixed clay generation.