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Beta 1.5_01
Release date

April 20, 2011



Beta 1.5_01 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Beta 1.5.



8 bugs fixed

  • Blocks can now be placed on snow.
  • Rain no longer goes through translucent blocks.
  • Pumpkin and jack o'lantern inventory texture now correctly faces forward.
  • Pumpkins are no longer worn backward on the player.
  • Game no longer crashes when rails are placed next to detector rails, or vice versa.
  • Wolves are less common than in 1.5, but still more common than in 1.4.
  • Blocks cannot be placed back into the output slot of furnaces, thus fixing the statistic exploit.
  • If Minecraft detects a broken save file, it will attempt to recover the world.


Beta 1.5_01 was reuploaded later on April 20, 2011 for servers only to fix the following:

2 bugs fixed

  • Game no longer crashes from "internal server error" created by bugs in 1.5_01's Server in SMP
  • Players no longer get the Saving Chunks screen when taking something out of the Crafting Table