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Beta 1.2_02
Release date

January 21, 2011



Beta 1.2_02 was released mainly to change where skins are downloaded from.


  • Skins are now downloaded from Amazon S3 instead of minecraft.net
  • Lapis lazuli ore now drops 4 - 8 Lapis Lazuli per block mined (increased from 1) on single player only (Minecraft Beta servers have not been affected yet).
  • Lapis lazuli ore can be found at bedrock level.
  • Ink Sack has been renamed to Ink Sac.


  • Beta 1.2_02 is the oldest version in the launcher to have working skins.
    • However, if the player changed their skin after 1.8, the last skin the player used prior to 1.8 will be displayed. This occurs in all versions after Beta 1.2_02 until 1.3.1, and it is currently unknown why this happens and why 1.3.1 is the oldest version to display post-1.8 skins.