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Beta 1.1
Release date

December 22, 2010



Other editions of 1.1

Beta 1.1 added support for special events on specific dates during the holiday period as well as other changes and fixes.



  • Rewrote leaf decay.
  • A few special events happened on the following specific days (according to system time):
    • On the date of Christmas Eve to Boxing Day:
      • The quote on the main menu said, "Merry X-mas!"
      • All players wore a Christmas themed cape.
    • On the date of New Year's Eve:
      • All players wore a purple cape with an 11 on it to celebrate the coming year.
    • On the date of New Years Day:
      • The quote on the main menu said, "Happy New Year!"


4 bugs fixed

  • Fixed FPS drops in single player.
  • Fixed players getting spammed with data and getting disconnected in SMP.
  • Fixed the item dupe bug in SMP.
  • Fixed "fancy" characters not working in the game by detaching font resources from the code.