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September 1, 2017

Beta for


Beta (also known as 1.2 build 8) is the eighth build released for 1.2.0 that fixed bugs.[1]


  • It is now much easier to see underwater after drinking a Potion of Water Breathing and Potion of Night Vision
  • Rebalanced most of the game sound effects and music, such as rain being much quieter
  • Added sound effects for placing Eyes of Ender into portal frames and opening The End portal


  • The Recipe Book can now be toggled off and on when using Classic UI
  • Optimized chunk generation and rendering
  • Increased performance when launching fireworks that were crafted with a large ball and trail firework star
  • Redstone components can once again be placed on Observer blocks
  • Fixed not being able to eat on converted worlds (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed item duplication in Survival mode when using Pocket UI and touch controls
  • Improved performance of Redstone circuits (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed several crashes that occurred when split-screen players joined, left the game, or signed out of Xbox Live (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed a crash when deleting a world that contained non-Latin characters in its name
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when "painting" items in the Recipe Book while using touch controls
  • Expanding a list of items on the Recipe Book will now automatically scroll the list, if needed
  • The Recipe Book cursor will now properly reflect the proper position when using a controller
  • Fixed crafting status consistency on the Recipe Book
  • Accepting an invite to a game you are in the process of joining no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed the scrollbar on How to Play menu when using touch controls
  • Crafting with a controller and pressing the Y button will now state that it will craft all, not just a full stack
  • Clouds will now render through glass
  • Redstone dust will now visually show its proper state when active
  • Paper will no longer be lost when enlarging a map using an Anvil while Pocket UI is enabled
  • On-screen tooltips will no longer show "Release" when looking at a fence, only when a Lead is attached to the fence
  • Drop down menus are no longer hidden when opened close to the bottom of the screen
  • Torches can once again be placed on monster spawners and will not spawn mobs if covered in torches
  • Beds that have been blown up will not leave an invisible, one block remnant in the world
  • Breaking an item out of an item frame no longer causes the breaking animation to play on the item frame itself
  • Spiders that climb toward the ceiling can now attack players
  • Pressing the X button on the hot bar will now clear the hotbar, not take half of a stack
  • Removed an extra How to Play icon on the inventory/crafting window
  • Language titles in Settings are no longer invisible until highlighted
  • Controller tooltips now show when a music disc can be inserted into a Jukebox or when Book & Quill can be used
  • Clicking the How to Play icon in Creative mode will now bring up information about Creative
  • The GUI Scale toggle slider is now correctly aligned in different scales (Android only)
  • Fixed split-screen players sometimes having the same Gamertag, skin, and interface
  • Improved performance of the menu background after sitting in the menu after being idle on the title screen
  • Cloning a command block over an existing command block will now properly replace the command
  • Bows on the ground no longer animate when eating food or using any item that has a right-click holding action
  • Fixed locator maps not showing proper movement and color to indicate player position and dimension
  • It is now possible to scroll through world descriptions in the marketplace when using a controller
  • Damage will no longer be dealt to players and mounted horses when applying a saddle
  • Maps received when Starting Map is enabled will now have zoom level 3/4
  • Chat will no longer scroll when using the d-pad and Host Options are open
  • The empty map recipe once again appears in the Recipe Book
  • Fixed search results in the Recipe Book so they now show all relevant items, not just craftable items
  • The '/xp' command can once again reduce a player's level by using negative values
  • Top slabs can once again be placed using the '/fill' command
  • Fixed chat messages of wrong players sleeping in beds
  • The offhand slot will now equip an item after using the '/replace' command without having to restart the world
  • Horses and players will no longer receive fall damage when riding on blocks that are placed a couple of blocks above the ground
  • Endermen will no longer spawn and immediately die on Peaceful difficulty
  • Single iron bars and glass panes now have the appropriate hitbox
  • Quitting a world with a resource pack will no longer partially apply the pack to the main menu after leaving the game
  • Maps will now render properly on worlds imported from Xbox One Edition
  • Maps in offhand are now scaled properly in horizontal, two-player split-screen
  • Guest account names will now appear properly (Xbox One only)
  • The hotbar will no longer appear below the screen safe area when playing horizontal split-screen (Xbox One only)
  • Added on-screen controller hints to the Create World and Edit World screens
  • Fixed sides of blocks not rendering when on the edge of the screen in third-person mode
  • Fixed the achievements menu not showing unlocked achievements if the console disconnects from Xbox Live (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed split-screen players logged in as guests getting stuck on the loading screen when trying to join (Xbox One only)
  • Players can now join servers via invites from other players and joining from the friend list
  • Selecting pages in a signed Book & Quill no longer causes the virtual keyboard to appear
  • Fixed several patterns that caused banners to become transparent
  • Fixed chunks of terrain missing after synchronization of saved worlds in Creative mode from another console
  • Split-screen players will now have their location and inventory saved after leaving the world
  • Fixed a crash when a command block runs a command that deletes the block it's in
  • Changing skins in-game will now properly apply
  • After clearing the Recipe Book search bar with a controller, re-opening the Recipe Book will no longer bring back the previously entered text
  • Fixed the positions of bows and potions when playing split-screen
  • The inventory and containers no longer contain invisible items
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the game is suspended and resumed when the chat screen is open (Xbox One only)
  • Falling in to one block of water will no longer inflict damage
  • Signed in players that launch the game in offline mode no longer have "Steve" as their Gamertag and an empty friends tab (Xbox One only)
  • Gravel falling onto retracting pistons no longer causes them to fall into the same block space and overlap
  • Disabling view bobbing while in split-screen no longer makes items held in hand not visible
  • Villagers will now close doors and stop getting themselves attacked by Zombies
  • The proper sound effect will now play after looking directly at an Enderman
  • XP orbs should no longer disappear in blocks and be easier for players to collect
  • Fixed Dragon Egg not breaking when falling on a torches and breaking anvils
  • '/ReplaceItem' repeating no longer makes it impossible for players to change inventory slots
  • Creepers will no longer explode if they lose sight of a player
  • Creepers exploding inside minecarts and boats will not destroy the minecart or boat
  • Attempting to load a world before signing in will no longer make worlds unable to load
  • Glazed terracotta blocks can be pushed but no longer pulled by sticky pistons
  • The 'hideParticles' argument for the command /effect will now hide particles of selected status effects when set to "true"
  • Fixed the hitbox on Chorus plants


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