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Minecraft 15w32a
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Release date

August 5, 2015

Snapshot for


15w32a[1] is the fourth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.9.



Keyboard shortcuts
  • F3+N now toggles between creative and spectator mode, when the player is in either of them.
    • The player needs to be allowed to use /gamemode for this to work.
  • sneakTime
    • Tracks the amount of ticks the player has held the sneak key, regardless if the player was moving.
Data versions
  • Worlds now display and store the version it was last played in, or "unknown" if the version was older than snapshot 15w32a.
    • If the world has not been opened in one of the 1.9 snapshots yet, there will be an exclamation mark (!) next to the world's name on the far right that displays text when hovered over: "Don't forget to backup this world before you load it in this snapshot."



Creepers, skeletons, & zombies
  • Must be closer to notice players wearing their corresponding mob head.
    • Does not apply to wither skeletons.
    • Specifically, the detection range is halved.
      • This reduction stacks with the reductions from sneaking and invisibility.
Ender dragon
  • Ender acid fireballs now spread ender acid upon exploding.
    • No longer light the ground on fire.
  • The charge attack has been given a great amount of knockback.
  • Dragon wings and tail now damage the player, prevent side and back melee attacks when the dragon lands on the portal.
  • Dragon breath now shoots out farther.
  • Dragon will now immediately charge at the player after finishing its dragon breath attack.
  • The dragon will no longer stop its attack on a single hit.
  • Will now fly back to portal before finishing its death animation.
  • No longer takes damage from snowballs, eggs, or fishing rods.
  • Projectiles no longer follow the player in spectator mode.

Command format[]

NBT tags
  • Tags and DataVersion tag can now be applied on entities.
  • Changed the Fuse tag's type for the PrimedTnt entity from "Byte" to "Short".


7 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9
  • MC-48730 – Nametags still show while player is invisible and on a team.
From the 1.9 development versions
  • MC-82833 – Shulker projectiles follows player in spectator mode and Creative mode.
  • MC-83951 – Ender dragon movement stutters in dimensions other than the End.
  • MC-84078 – When fishing rod is cast, all fishing rods look like they were cast out to sea, too.
From the previous development version
  • MC-84253 – Almost all potion and tipped arrows are black.
  • MC-84515 – Particles don't show when a beacon is running / splash potion is thrown.
  • MC-84584 – Placing end rod on end rod sends "hslsdjfksdlk" to output log twice.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 15w32a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.