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June 25, 2014

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Client (.json)

14w26a is the twenty-ninth snapshot released for 1.8. This snapshot is the first after a decision to release snapshots on Wednesdays rather than on Thursdays.[1]

It is strongly advised to make a backup of a world before using this snapshot, because of block-corrupting problems that were not corrected until 14w26c.[1]

A potential means of recovering corrupted worlds using MCEdit was made available by a Reddit user, on this thread.


  • Commands
    • /replaceitem <entity|block> ...
      • Can replace items in any inventory, including the inventories of mobs such as zombies
      • Full syntax:
        • /replaceitem entity <entity> <slot> <item> [amount] [data value]
        • /replaceitem block <x> <y> <z> <slot> <item> [amount] [data value]
      • Example: /replaceitem entity @e[type=Zombie] slot.weapon minecraft:iron_sword 1 0 will give all the zombies iron swords
      • Example: /replaceitem entity @p slot.hotbar.0 minecraft:fish 4 2 will put 4 clownfish in the players first hotbar slot
      • Example: /replaceitem block ~ ~-1 ~ slot.container.5 minecraft:redstone_block 1 0 will put a redstone block in the 6th slot of a container 1 block beneath the player
  • Debug Mode world type
    • Useful for resource pack makers
    • Hold ⇧ Shift and cycle through "World Type" to select it
    • Spectator mode recommended to avoid crashes (you can use creative mode too without any effect on some machines)
    • All possible blocks with all possible data values are generated
      • They are arranged in a grid across height y=70, with a barrier floor at y=60
    • Blocks placed are deleted, and blocks destroyed are restored
      • There is a special generator option preventing this. It is called "debug_all_block_states". If you change this to "flat" or "default" in NBTexplorer, you will be able to interact with the world. Only for a short period though, on most machines there will be lots of lag or the game might crash. (Not recommended to play survival on)
  • Gamerules
    • sendCommandFeedback
      • If set to false, player-run commands will not show a success message


  • Commands
    • /execute
      • Now has a detect argument (sub-command, only works when used with execute)
        • Allows the execute command to run only if a block is detected at a specific location relative to the target
        • Example: /execute @a ~ ~ ~ detect ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:grass 0 say You are standing on grass.
    • /worldborder
      • Now has an add argument
        • Similar to the set argument, but can be used to add (or remove) a certain number of blocks to the world border distance
        • Negative numbers can be used to remove blocks
        • Example: /worldborder add -75 will shrink the world border width by 75 blocks
    • /fill
      • Block limit changed from 4096 to 32768 blocks
  • Command Blocks
    • X/O button next to "Last output" in commandblock to turn off the last output string
  • Customized world type
  • Resources
    • Reworked 3D resources, adding the possibility of new blocks with multiple textures
  • Swampland
    • Changed generation of the marsh-like areas[2]
  • Furnace
    • Empty furnaces will now only accept fuel and empty buckets in the fuel slot
  • Item Frames
    • The wood part of the frame now uses the oak texture rather than the birch texture
  • BlockStates
    • Switched to only/mostly using BlockStates in the code, though not all block combinations are BlockStates yet
  • Block models
    • Instead of specifying uvs, you can now choose textures to be projected onto the model


47 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.8

  • MC-5164 – Strength and weakness potions do not work on aggressive wolves
  • MC-5525 – Some sounds play at a low volume
  • MC-8987 – Flame-enchanted bows don't activate TNT minecarts
  • MC-22586/spreadplayers command doesn't accept relative coords for x and z parameters
  • MC-35431/tellraw commandblockoutput

From the 1.8 snapshots

  • MC-46244 – Command block bug - new particle feature
  • MC-46851 – Potion effect particles stay in spectator mode
  • MC-51788/playsound doesn't work with relative coords
  • MC-55589/particle doesn't work with some entities
  • MC-55625/playsound relative to entity does not work
  • MC-56294 – "Are you sure you want to open the following website?" buttons are offset
  • MC-56862 – Guardian doesn't die on land and can swim in lava
  • MC-56877 – Snow Golem has a broken head
  • MC-56941 – Floating torch
  • MC-57033 – Game crashes when new chunks are loaded
  • MC-57117 – Item frame backgrounds are black on server
  • MC-57188 – Wearing Pumpkins on your head, pumpkins are huge and upside down
  • MC-57256 – Placed anvil is rotated by 90°
  • MC-57966 – Block icons in statistics and flatland GUI rendering wrong
  • MC-57670 – The player no longer sinks into the first layer of stacked snow
  • MC-57685 – Water dungeons cannot be turned off using world customization
  • MC-57854 – Stained glass panes particles uncolored
  • MC-58130 – Chunks only render in the direction you are facing
  • MC-58136 – Pumpkin / melon stems rendering incorrectly
  • MC-58537 – Supplemental selectors in /scoreboard teams join & leave don't work with the @e selector
  • MC-58637FallingSand - only top side of block has a texture

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-57822 – Cocoa beans have wrong orientation
  • MC-57829 – Lever on slab is upside down
  • MC-57841/give'ing written book with JSON data will show "Invalid Item" when hovered on in chat
  • MC-57843 – Written book with JSON data not formatting right
  • MC-57866 – Written books with JSON don't get created correctly (no color and styles)
  • MC-57868 – Stained glass pane are dropping white glass pane
  • MC-57870/testforblocks broken
  • MC-57882 – Empty line in creative inventory
  • MC-57883 – The barrier blocks particles for being broken are purple and black checkered
  • MC-57916 – Iron Golems don't require air blocks to be besides their head when placing the head block
  • MC-57917 – Drying a wet sponge in furnace with a stack of buckets below will cause them to disappear and leave a singular water bucket
  • MC-57986 – Stacked buckets bug
  • MC-58025 – Losing my buckets from sponge
  • MC-58048 – Acacia and dark oak logs mined with silk touch show the MissingTexture
  • MC-58060 – Summoning FallingSand with TileID as chest, trapped chest, ender chest, lava and water crashes game
  • MC-58066 – Right-click with bow when no arrows in inventory
  • MC-58140 – Repeater will show comparator texture when unpowered, delay:4 and locked
  • MC-58191 – Can walk through snow layer (Block meta 7)
  • MC-58196 – Fishing rod and carrot on a stick rendering incorrectly in 3rd person
  • MC-58229 – Scores in written books don't work properly when on a server
  • MC-58493 – BUD creates double redstone drops when activated