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Release date

February 19, 2014

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

14w08a is the thirteenth snapshot for 1.8.


  • Player list
    • Improved the health objective display on the player list
    • Will fall back to textual display if space is scarce, with colors (green/yellow/red) to show different health levels
    • Additional health will squash the display together to fit
  • Commands
    • Commands run using /execute now pass their success value back to the command block running them
  • Superflat worlds
    • Superflat presets now use the new block id format
    • Block ID/number of layers format changed from NumberxID to Number*ID.
    • Preset code version number changed to "3".
  • Trapdoors
    • Trapdoors are now called "Wooden Trapdoor"


43 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.8

  • MC-19 – Having FOV over 100 and sleeping in bed will cause you to look inside your head
  • MC-107 – Potion of night vision: total blackout
  • MC-1458 – Zombie / Skeleton chestplate not displaying the sleeves of the chestplate properly
  • MC-3599 – Sleeping in beds above layer 128 in multiplayer causes the player to fall into the void (visually only)
  • MC-5653 – Enchanted book offers will only ever get worse with villager trades
  • MC-8201 – Lit TNT falls into floor on reload
  • MC-9562 – Double clicking in creative inventory doesn't auto stack the items
  • MC-9866 – Upper part of a Door does not open when placing a Block of Redstone beside it
  • MC-11170 – F3 pie graph bug
  • MC-13381 – Spawner shows activity when eyes pos in range, but actually only produces mobs when feet pos in range
  • MC-18245 – Renaming + enchanting cost bug
  • MC-30350 – Superflat Swampland doesn't generate lilypad
  • MC-30450/give command creates crash-inducing items with incomplete dataTag
  • MC-32434 – Various ocelot spawning problems, again
  • MC-32867 – Stained clay blocks act as wood if a fence is underneath
  • MC-38014 – When /setblock oldblockhandler is set to replace, it still drops container items
  • MC-40986 – Tellraw command crash (stat.entityKilledBy)
  • MC-47857 – Realms Backup "No" button doesn't work

From the 1.8 snapshots

  • MC-44347 – Structures spawn in the incorrect biome
  • MC-44382/blockdata command with signs
  • MC-44613 – Wrong text for opening a locked beacon
  • MC-44651 – For @e is no description inside commandblocks
  • MC-45079 – Missing string when running /clone commands.clone.success
  • MC-45114 – Superflat Customization still uses Block IDs
  • MC-45327 – Grass blocks don't mipmap properly
  • MC-45674 – Villagers only plant wheat
  • MC-46329 – Realms player count is no longer updating
  • MC-46417 – Sprint particles in Spectator mode
  • MC-46457 – Players are stuck in the map barrier

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-48386 – Iron Trapdoor has the name "tile.ironTrapdoor.name"
  • MC-48395 – When swimming in water, you do not drown
  • MC-48399/execute not obeying the gamerule commandBlockOutput false rule
  • MC-48408Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Handling packet
  • MC-48411java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop
  • MC-48414 – Nametag shown in inventory screen
  • MC-48449 – Commands in the form /execute testforblock do not update comparators correctly
  • MC-48464 – "/scoreboard players test playername" will not tab-complete the objective argument
  • MC-48507/testforblock command not working with execute command
  • MC-48509 – No way to hide commands executed by entities for OPs
  • MC-48515 – Moving in water bug of light
  • MC-48955 – Cave spiders can breathe underwater
  • MC-49019 – Partial NBT data matching breaks checking for empty containers