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Snapshot 13w47a.png


Release date

November 21, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

13w47a is the first snapshot released for 1.7.4.


Additions[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • Native broadcasting to Twitch.tv [2]
    • Microphone can be recorded too.
    • Chat integration in the game.[3]
  • Twitch related settings[4]
    • Twitch Broadcast Settings:
      • Quality, Framerate, Bandwidth, Send Metadata, Mic Volume, System Volume, Compression, Enable Chat and User Filter (for the Twitch chat).
  • New "Notch" shader added to Super Secret Settings.

Changes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

  • New Mojang Logo shows on game startup.
  • Better full screen for Mac.

Fixes[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

13 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.7.4

  • MC-12413 – Furnace GUI - "full" arrow texture always drawn on leftmost column
  • MC-14323 – Minimising other windows open, resizes Minecraft window
  • MC-23132 – Click or right-click stuck on OS X
  • MC-26102 – OS X Fullscreen is not supported
  • MC-30537 – Flower duplication glitch
  • MC-31388 – Right clicking a flower pot that has certain plants in it while holding another plant replaces the one in the flower pot with the one you're holding
  • MC-35643 – Items with enchantment effect cause blocks and potion effects indicator to not render
  • MC-35658 – Water too transparent?
  • MC-35797 – Background Rendering Issues When Picking Up Enchanted Items / Caption of containers white
  • MC-36383 – Translucent parts of stained glass not visible in 3rd person mode
  • MC-36395 – Weird rendering of transparent blocks on the 0-axis
  • MC-36705 – Block held in 3rd person rendered incorrectly
  • MC-37106 – All the textures are flipped/mirrored on north/east sides of blocks

References[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]