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Release date

October 17, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

13w42a is the twelfth snapshot for 1.7.2.



  • Witches now spawn anywhere where the light level is 7 or less, including any biome and underground.
  • Different letters can now be typed on signs


  • Stained glass and stained glass panes have a smoother/transparent texture
  • Rewrote the sound system
    • You are now able to add new sounds using resource packs
    • Resource packs can now add, remove, supplement, randomize, and group sounds using JSON
    • Sounds and music are now stored together in the new .minecraft/assets/sounds folder
  • Improved maps
    • Maps now display the color of colored wool and stained clay, allowing a wider range of colors visible on maps
    • Each different type of block has a different shading on the map
  • Transparency adjusted slightly
    • If water is directly adjacent to ice, when looking through the ice you cannot see the water. However, you can see the ice when looking through water.
    • If water is not directly adjacent to ice, you can see the water when looking through the ice.[2]
  • You can no longer see the water surface from underwater
  • Inventory of the player
    • The armor boxes get black when empty and away from cursor.
    • Putting cursor over the armor inventory displays which armor is to put on there.


15 bugs fixed
From released versions before 1.7.2
  • MC-4921 – Sounds (e.g. mobs/portals/water) don't immediately fade
  • MC-10633 – You cant look through ice or stained glass if you have it in your hand, but you can if it is placed
  • MC-19483 – Sounds playing after leaving world
  • MC-26660 – Constant minecart sound
  • MC-28478 – Successful hit sound effect does not match the sound in the assets sound folder
From the 1.7.2 snapshots
  • MC-31577 – Major bug: arrows shot by infinity bow/skeleton do not despawn over time
  • MC-32082 – Signs, Heads and Cauldrons have a full block breaking texture
  • MC-32295 – Glitchy item borders with mipmapping and anisotropic filtering activated
  • MC-32314 – The Mojang logo is blurry
  • MC-33141 – Rain does not stop
  • MC-33182 – Losing connection to server when a minecart command block is placed on a powered activator rail
  • MC-34096 – Minecart sound is considered an enemy monster
  • MC-34649 – Glass panes, stained glass and ice show the texture in all faces
From the previous snapshot
  • MC-34889 – Superflat shows void particles
  • MC-34892 – Mobs/other players only looking in one direction/walking backwards on SMP