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Release date

September 19, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

13w38a is the fifth snapshot released for 1.7.2.


  • Added <structure>.dat files in data folder for storing structure data
    • Contains .dat called Village.dat, Fortress.dat (Nether fortress), Temple.dat (Desert temple, jungle temple and witch hut), Stronghold.dat, Mineshaft.dat, and others
    • NBT structure consists of the individual parts of each structure, labeled "children," the chunk it originates in, a tag called BB, and an ID for what type of structure it is
      • The children tags have information on each part of the structure and the type of part it is
  • Added /setidletimeout <Minutes until kick> to automatically kick idle players after some time
    • Multiplayer-only command, can be used only by server operators
  • The sky near the horizon now darkens when the player has blocks between them and the sky
    • The greater the distance between the player and an area open to the sky, the darker the sky appears
  • Added the achievement "Diamonds to you!", which is obtained by throwing diamonds at another player


  • Improved the video settings
    • Render distance is now a slider ranging from 2 to 16 chunks
      • The sky is now visible on Short (4 chunks) render distance
    • Max framerate is now a slider ranging from 10 to 250 fps, then unlimited
    • Added mipmapping, anisotropic filtering and FSAA (as a shader)
      • Mipmap levels can be set to Off and 1 through 4
      • Anisotropic filtering can be disabled or set to 2, 4, 8 or 16
      • Post-Processing (shaders) can be toggled
    • They now display on the whole block
  • Improved the super secret settings
    • The button now applies different experimental shaders
    • List of available shaders: antialias, deconverge, outline, art, desaturate, pencil, bits, flip, phosphor, blobs, fxaa, scan_pincushion, blobs2, green, sobel, blur, invert, wobble, color_convolve, ntsc
  • Improved maps hung in item frames
  • Improved achievements
    • When a player earns an achievement, it is now announced in chat; This can be turned off
  • Reduced zombie lag


6 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.7

  • MC-28625 – The horse armor equip sound does not play when replacing it with already equipped armor
  • MC-31065 – Villages not generating? (snapshot 13w37b)

From the 1.7 snapshots

  • MC-30483 – When you set your render distance to far it stays on normal
  • MC-30694 – Enderman stare sound still plays when the enemy mobs sound slider is at 0%
  • MC-30822 – Enchanted books with no metadata
  • MC-30858 – A player selector with only one matching player outputs as " and USERNAME .."