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Release date

January 31, 2013[1]

Snapshot for




13w05a is the seventh snapshot released for 1.5.


  • Fully implemented multiple snow heights
    • Drops one snowball for every layer of snow
    • Each level of snow has its own height collision
      • The topmost layer of snow does not have collision, so the player is always slightly sunken in the snow
      • Visually, four layers of snow is the same height as a slab. However, five layers of snow has the same collision height as a slab
    • Crafting recipe is 3 snow blocks in a row to create 6 snow layers
      • For each thin layer of snow crafted, the player loses exactly half the snowballs required to produce it


  • Improved the scoreboard system
    • Added team mechanics including custom name colors, friendly fire options and objective tracking per team instead of per player
    • Added a new display type – Displays value below nametags
    • Added a new criteria type – health, ranging from 0 to 20
  • Increased beacon range
    • Effects are infinite upwards with the beam.
    • 1 layer: 41 blocks diameter (previously 33)
    • 2 layers: 61 blocks (previously 49)
    • 3 layers: 81 blocks (previously 65)
    • 4 layers: 101 blocks (previously 81)
  • Improved Stairs
    • Improved lighting
    • Stairs no longer prevent sprinting
  • Rebalanced bonemeal
    • Everything now usually takes 2–3 uses to fully grow, but it's random
  • Comparator
    • Now uses the 8s bit on block 149 to represent its powered state, rather than a separate block ID, 150. Block 150 is deprecated.


23 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.5

  • MC-666 – Spawn Protection not working properly.
  • MC-1324/difficulty command doesn’t produce any messages.
  • MC-1775 – Hash size breaks redstone
  • MC-2987 – Can't Sprint Going Up Stairs
  • MC-4232 – SpawnPotentials list working incorrectly
  • MC-8437 – URL parser does not detect 4 letter TLDs.
  • MC-8487 – Wither doesn’t generate health when in minecart.
  • MC-8510 – Gamerule doMobLoot doesn’t affect xp drops.

From the 1.5 snapshots

  • MC-6032 – Comparator outputs “pulse” when side signal is on.
  • MC-6039 – The delay of the comparator is inconsistent.
  • MC-6077 – Comparators causes block updates while idle.
  • MC-6536 – Comparator is miscounting Hopper's contents
  • MC-6640 – Comparators trying to lock Repeaters even if their output is 0 (graphical)
  • MC-6941 – SRV is no longer used to lookup servers.
  • MC-6951 – High-res texture pack items have garbage on edges.
  • MC-7087 – Mining activator rail isn’t boosted by pickaxe.
  • MC-8172 – TNT defuses when travelling between dimensions.

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-8186 – Scoreboard vanishes when changing dimensions.
  • MC-8189 – Right-clicking with a helmet in hand crashes the game.
  • MC-8222 – Dispenser will put on stacks of armor.
  • MC-8277 – Scoreboard system doesn’t accept @a.
  • MC-8389 – Giant Mushrooms still grow instantly from Bonemeal
  • MC-8416 – Furnace Minecarts drop a Minecart and TNT.