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Release date

December 13, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w50a is the second snapshot released for 1.4.6.


  • Added Enchanted Book to Villagers and Chests
    • Can be found in dungeons with special enchantments normally not obtainable
  • Silk Touch can now be applied to shears by using the anvil
    • Cobweb can be harvested utilizing this feature
  • Added “Thorns” enchantment for armor
    • When hit by a mob, the mob will receive damage
  • Added tool highlight when switching items in the hotbar
    • Renamed items will display the changed name
    • To disable it, open options.txt and change heldItemTooltips to false.
  • Added xmaschest.png, largexmaschest.png, and skis.png textures
    • xmaschest.png changes the chest texture to resemble a red gift.
    • largexmaschest.png changes the large chest texture to resemble a green gift.
    • skis.png is unused, dummy file. Dinnerbone said he added this file as a red herring.[2]
    • Chest will use these textures on December 25


  • Tweaked Fireworks effect and sounds
  • Item entities are rendered as 3D objects in the world when in Fancy graphics mode
    • This includes items placed in Item Frames
  • Items now show their enchantments when dropped on the ground
  • Overall Protection enchantment is no longer as effective as all the other Protection enchantments combined
  • Unbreaking enchantment can be applied to anything with durability using Enchanted Books
  • Added a notice/warning for users still playing on PowerPCs or Java 5 (Java 1.5)
    • Mojang plans to drop support for Java 5 by Minecraft 1.6.[3] This is due to the most recent versions of LWJGL no longer supporting Java 5, with PowerPC also no longer supported by Apple to be made compatible with Java 6 or newer.[4]
  • When pressing CTRL+Q By default (Or your "Drop" button if changed in controls), you drop a full stack instead of one item
  • Removed Firework Rocket in Creative inventory


14 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.4.6

  • MC-255 – Graphical Issue with trading
  • MC-312 – Item textures of Spawn Eggs and Firework Stars not aligned properly when stacked
  • MC-674 – Items different only in damage cannot be swapped
  • MC-1626 – Z-Fighting in Beacon Block bottom.
  • MC-1959 – Placing double slabs ignore damage values
  • MC-1969 – minecarts cant travel through nether portals
  • MC-3593 – Lightning doesn't flash
  • MC-4499 – Beacon tiers don't work at y=0
  • MC-4510 – Enchantment Not Showing in Item Frame

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-4193 – Firework star Duplication
  • MC-4199 – Deaths not logged to console.
  • MC-4200 – The Nether and The End generating random blocks clientside in multiplayer
  • MC-4203 – Enchanted Books: Unenchantable item can recieve any enchantment
  • MC-4433 – Fallingsand spawners failing to save properly, and causing crashes