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Release date

October 17, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w42a is the fourteenth snapshot released for 1.4.2.



  • Server IPs can now be individually hidden
  • Changed repeaters
    • When powering the either side of a repeater directly with another repeater, it will lock the current state of the other repeater until the signal to the powering repeater is turned off.
      • If a repeater that is on is locked, it will stay on.
      • If a repeater that is off is locked, it can not output a signal
    • When locked, the repeater's second torch will no longer be visible and a bar textured similarly to bedrock will appear
  • Anvil tweaks
    • New crafting recipe, now is 31 iron ingots instead of 55
    • Minor visual changes
    • The player can repair tools and armor using their source material. To get a tool or piece of armor to its maximum durability when it is nearly broken, one must use four of its source material (wooden planks, cobblestone, iron, gold or diamonds). However, hoes are not able to be repaired.
    • Reduced experience level cost
  • Bats no longer trample crops, activate pressure plates or tripwire
  • Updated language file


9 bugs fixed

  • Fixed very damaged anvils dropping from at least 6 blocks becoming a glitched entity that cannot be removed until the map is reloaded
  • Fixed digging straight down glitching the player into blocks again
  • Fixed PvP-disabled servers still allowing players to set other players on fire using Fire Aspect enchanted swords
  • Fixed dropping from low heights doing damage on certain occasions
  • Fixed dropping an anvil on an Ender crystal crashing the game
  • Fixed the game sometimes crashing when using F3+H to show durability on items and then moving the mouse over a non-blank map
  • Fixed the game crashing when maximizing the game while in the anvil UI
  • Fixed a stack overflow error when dispensers attempted to place water or lava into a solid block
  • Fixed the crafting table and cauldron that spawn in Swamp Huts spawning at the top of the hut.