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Release date

September 6, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w36a is the fourth snapshot released for 1.4.2.



Wither skeletons
  • Only spawns in the Nether.
  • Gives players "Wither" effect when hitting them.
  • Carry and rarely drop stone swords when killed by players.
  • Drops bones and coal.
  • Has a high chance to spawn from an skeleton egg if the player is in the Nether
  • Wither skeletons can replace skeletons on spider jockeys.
    • Spawned by using a spider spawn egg in the Nether.
  • Added one new painting depicting the creation of a wither.
Carrot on a stick.
  • Used to maneuver pigs.
  • Can also attract pigs similarly to wheat.
  • Main purpose is to control saddled pigs while ridden.
Nether star
  • Used as a crafting ingredient for the beacon block
Mob heads
  • Five types in this version:
    • Skeleton skull
    • Wither skeleton skull
    • Zombie head
    • Creeper head
    • Player head
  • Wither skeleton skulls are dropped very rarely by wither skeletons.
  • Other heads are only available via the creative inventory.
  • Can be used as hats
Carrots and potatoes
  • They can now be found in villages.
  • Carrots can be used to breed pigs.


  • Place 4 pieces of soul sand in a vertical T-shape and place 3 wither skeleton skulls on top to create it.
  • Drops one nether star upon death.
  • When spawned in the Overworld, the sky will get darker.
  • Gives players "wither II" effect when hitting them.
  • Its name is now displayed correctly above its HP bar.
  • New model and textures.
  • Can now be crafted by surrounding a nether star with 3 blocks of obsidian on the bottom and 5 blocks of glass around the top.
Golden Carrot
  • Retextured the golden carrot.
  • Now use seeds instead of wheat to breed.
  • They follow the player when a seed is in hand.
  • They can be bred with carrots.
Zombies and skeletons
  • Zombies and skeletons that pick up items will now always drop them after dying.
  • Saddled pigs will now always drop saddles on death.
  • Minor changes to dyeing.
Leather armor
  • Now uses two overlayed textures, one being the color.
  • Minor changes to the leather dyeing – the colors will attempt to maintain intensity and not dilute as much
Zombies and zombie pigman
  • The zombie and zombie pigman models and textures have changed.
    • No visual difference, except that it breaks old texture packs.


? bugs fixed