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Release date

July 23, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w30a is the fifteenth snapshot released for 1.3.1.



  • Options
    • Snooper Settings
      • Allows you to toggle whether your data are sent to Mojang for analysis and improvements, shows which data will be sent to Mojang.
    • Added Vertical Synchronization in Video Settings
      • Has to be toggled manually in options.txt
    • Fullscreen mode setting is now persistent
      • Has to be toggled manually in options.txt


  • Creepers
    • Depending on difficulty, creeper damage is now scaled
      • Easy: ~50% less damage
      • Normal: same damage as before
      • Hard: ~33% more damage than before
      • “In full diamond armor + hard difficulty a creeper can knock you down to 2 hearts"[2]
    • Creeper explosions, fire charge explosions, and TNT give off a knock back
  • Stairs
    • Stairs, when placed on the upper half of a block's side, will now be placed upside-down
  • F3 debug screen
    • In F3 mode, the y coordinate now shows both the feet level and the eye level
  • Commands
    • Survival mode's command: /gamemode 3 is changed to /gamemode 0
  • Performance
    • Accelerated chunk loading
    • Decreased lag spike frequency
    • Made the Nether less laggy
    • Made chat work smoothly even when the server is lagging
    • Decreased unnecessary world updates
    • Decreased packets sent between client and server


19 bugs fixed

  • Fixed existing signs not showing text.
  • Fixed monster spawners all looking like pig spawners.
  • Fixed ⌘ Cmd + C, ⌘ Cmd + x and ⌘ Cmd + V not working on Mac OS X.
  • Fixed sneaking players' nameplates not staying hidden when loading the chunks the sneaking players are in.
  • Fixed multiple chunks often not displaying.
  • Fixed higher server-set view distances instantly kicking joining players.
  • Fixed sections above Y = 191 becoming invisible when loading worlds.
  • Fixed not completely generated chunks not updating to visually when walking into them.
  • Fixed compasses not pointing to spawn but to X=8 & Z=8 after respawning.
  • Fixed other players' fishing lines looking like they start from their feet.
  • Fixed a bug with Unbreaking-enchanted tools and destroying blocks.[citation needed]
  • Fixed being able to move LAN servers in the server list and crashing the game.
  • Fixed opening SP worlds to LAN, saving and quitting it leaving the server running and showing up in the server list.
  • Fixed pushing a minecart with the movement keys causing the camera to shake in the direction pressed.
  • Fixed potion effects losing their graphical effects when traveling between dimensions.
  • Fixed Ghast's fireballs getting stuck mid-air when unloading their chunk, might apply to fire charges and blaze's fireballs as well.
  • Fixed the last slot in the opened creative inventory's hotbar being one pixel too short on all but the survival inventory tabs and a few pixels being off on the survival inventory tab.
  • Fixed blocks disappearing when you placing them under yourself and jumping.[3]
  • Fixed the client trying to trample crops instead of letting the server dictate trampling.