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Release date

June 14, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w24a is the eleventh snapshot released for 1.3.1.


  • LAN
    • Allowed those connected to a player's LAN network to join SP games
      • The player can now use “/publish” to open your single-player game for LAN players to join. This is still very much work in progress, so it lacks some necessary settings such as what game mode players will get, and if they should be able to use cheats or not. Also, the “/publish” command is temporary, since the player can not even access it if they have not enabled cheats (LAN connections will be GUI based in the future)
  • Commands
    • Added the /tp command from multiplayer to singleplayer, allowing teleporting between players


  • Levers
    • The player can now place levers on the underside of blocks, upside-down
  • Ender chests
    • Now has an inventory per player and not per world, also, knocking down the chest will break it into 8 obsidian, unless the player has Silk Touch enchantment
  • Language files
    • End portal frames now have a tooltip


16 bugs fixed

  • Fixed Ender Pearls and Eye of Ender not aligning properly in the inventory
  • Fixed the double chest GUI having the caption "Large Chest" in all languages
  • Fixed the "Destroy Item" tooltip appearing in other pages of the inventory occasionally
  • Partially remedied bug when Minecraft does not save the player's progress, stops generating chunks, and freezes all the mobs. This still occurs sometimes.
  • Fixed the Ender Dragon not dealing any damage to the player after it has been hit once
  • Fixed explosions not pushing back players.
  • Fixed buckets not picking up or placing water within the spawn protection.
  • Fixed losing the items in the second trade box if the player exits a trade with a Villager
  • Fixed missing sounds:
    • Fixed water-movement sound.
    • Fixed fire sound.
    • Fixed extinguish sound.
    • Fixed Nether Portal sound
    • Fixed lava-stagnant sound.
    • Fixed lava-droplet sound.
  • Fixed attempting to use a Tripwire Hook when right clicking.
  • The texture pack folder button now works on Mac.