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Release date

May 24, 2012[1]

Snapshot for




12w21a is the sixth snapshot released for 1.3.1.


  • Trading
    • Villagers will buy or sell the player emeralds in exchange for certain items
    • Trade with villagers by right-clicking on them, opening up a GUI with 2 buying slots and one selling slot
  • Ender chest
    • Crafted with 8 obsidian and 1 eye of ender
    • All ender chests in a world have the same contents, if those contents change it will affect the contents of all other ender chests
    • On SMP, the ender chest's contents will be the same for all players on a server
  • Emerald
  • Emerald ore
    • Drops 1 emerald when mined
    • Generates in veins of up to 10 blocks
  • Desert villages
    • Villages that generate in desert biomes will now be made of sandstone rather than wood and cobblestone
  • Desert temples
    • New generated structure in desert biomes that resemble pyramids
    • Have a TNT trap and loot chests inside
  • Enchanted golden apple
    • A second golden apple made with blocks of gold
    • After being consumed, the player receives 30 second regeneration IV, plus resistance and fire resistance for 5 minutes
  • Sandstone stairs
    • Have the same function and recipe as other stairs, but made of sandstone
  • Commands
    • /seed
      • Displays the current world seed


  • Creative
    • Added snow to the creative inventory
  • Minecarts
    • While sitting inside of a minecart pushing the directional keys will make it move the direction you are pressing, this will only work while the minecart is sitting on rails
  • Buckets
    • Are now stackable
  • Sky
    • Stars are more realistic
      • They are now slightly smaller and slightly brighter
  • Gravel
    • Changed gravel texture
  • Options
    • Improved Options menu
  • Dispensers
    • Dispensers will eject water and lava source blocks from buckets
    • Will also take water and lava source blocks if there is an empty bucket inside
  • Boats
    • Boats will now pass through lily pads without breaking the boat; the lilypad drops as an item instead.
  • Passive mobs
    • Passive mobs can be easily pushed around by simply walking, most likely intended to help the player navigate through animal farms more easily
  • Singleplayer
    • Removed Server Jar dependency in singleplayer
  • Locked chest
    • Removed old chest texture, causing locked chests to appear as the purple default block