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Release date

August 22, 2014

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

Other editions of 1.8-pre1

1.8-pre1 is the first pre-release for 1.8.[1]


  • Skins
    • New alternative default skin: Alex.[2]
      • The Alex skin features what appears to be a female with ginger hair, a green top, brown pants and black boots as well as 3-pixel wide arms.
      • All accounts will be assigned the Steve or Alex skin based on its random user ID.
    • There will be a choice to select 4 or 3-pixel arms on minecraft.net/profile in the future.
      • However, there is a bug in the pre-release which sometimes displays the wrong model.
  • Splashes
    • "Any computer is a laptop if you're brave enough!"


  • Killer Bunny
    • Texture changed (it no longer has blood).


21 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-5312 – Thorns not working against some monsters
  • MC-5313 – Durability on Shears does not go down when used on wool blocks
  • MC-5477 – Fireworks and given dye beyond id 15
  • MC-5610 – Redstone Dust on Tall Grass (Placement Bug)
  • MC-5860 – Endermen can place cacti in illegal places
  • MC-6179 – Chickens don't save their egg lay timer
  • MC-48340 – Lava pools change leaves
  • MC-68341 – Cinematic camera keeps momentum
  • MC-68524 – Java not properly capitalized in splash "Now java 6!"
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-55549 – Snow (cover) makes mobs jump but do not move
  • MC-56771 – Baby Zombie Pigmen don't forgive, while adults do
  • MC-58120 – "DoMobSpawning" is causing reduced tick speed, causing general tick lag
  • MC-60428 – Yellow/Gold Rabbits Don't Spawn Naturally
  • MC-61676 – Tab list expands too far and is unreadable
  • MC-63381 – Constant Crash - Locked out of World
  • MC-63388 – Player Heads do not render in inventory or when equipped
  • MC-63896 – High CPU load on Superflat
  • MC-63973 – Multiplayer: giving yourself a Player-Skull crashes the game
  • MC-65237 – When invisible, Endermen can see you when you stare at them
  • MC-68140 – Opening a Command Block doesn't pause the game
  • MC-68350 – Dispenser tnt summon position offset