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Release date

June 25, 2013[1]

Pre-release for



Client (.json)

1.6-pre is the first pre-release for 1.6.1.



25 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.6.1

  • MC-137 – Ping packet doesn't include host information
  • MC-12241 – Minecart collision boxes are briefly positioned wrong
  • MC-12526 – Minecarts off track float
  • MC-12569 – Sitting in minecart is higher than it should be
  • MC-12733 – Minecart hit box too large
  • MC-18713 – If a team name has "-" in it, the argument for seeing if anyone is in the team doesn't work
  • MC-19029 – Instant health effect set to a 29, 61, 93...253 value kills any player without any death message

From the 1.6.1 snapshots

  • MC-13754 – Unable to tie mobs to fence with less than 2 leads
  • MC-14126 – Binding "sneak" to any mouse button and trying to mount an entity crashes the game
  • MC-14355 – Can't hit mobs while jumping on horses
  • MC-14524 – Right Clicking On Minecart / Pig / Boat While Riding In It Tries To Remove You
  • MC-14795 – Wither is still named "Withern" in German
  • MC-16145 – Potion of Weakness tooltip
  • MC-16467 – Attribute modifiers randomly run out when given via items
  • MC-17867 – "Resource packs" translation missing on crowdin.net
  • MC-17908 – Tamed wolf's health depleted upon world loading
  • MC-18247 – Health Boost and Absorption potions names do not show correctly
  • MC-18578 – Water sounds when placing water from a bucket to water source reproduce twice
  • MC-18645 – Game crashes with a single frame compass
  • MC-18661 – Strength Potions being nerfed unintentionally [Not related to other Strength issues]
  • MC-18730 – Superflat customisation screen have format errors in Australian English / String is missing at crowdin.net
  • MC-18845 – Scoreboard "Health" out of sync (rounds down)
  • MC-18997 – Crash at launch of game with invalid language selection
  • MC-18999 – Using /kill sets health to 2 billion

From the same version (reupload)

  • MC-19061 – Crash whilst brewing in 1.6