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Release date

March 7, 2013[1]

Pre-release for




1.5-pre is the pre-release for 1.5.


29 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.5

  • MC-454 – Spider Jockey: Spider moves, but skeleton not
  • MC-804 – Piston extension remains after piston is destroyed
  • MC-1522 – Fence gate closes when destroying adjacent block
  • MC-1523 – Breaking a dragon egg in Survival with a high Haste effect crashes the game
  • MC-1548 – Fence glitch
  • MC-1594 – Trying to walk from a block with a collision box shorter than 1 block to another block that is also shorter, causes you to momentarily glitch into the ground
  • MC-2402 – Flaming arrows with PvP off still set players on fire
  • MC-3069 – Map not updating
  • MC-3513 – Items dropped on fences jump around
  • MC-3953 – anvils don't do enough damage
  • MC-4560 – Items in equipment slot / Crashes if CanPickUpLoot is set to 1 in level.dat/player.dat files
  • MC-6060 – Command block gamerule update problem
  • MC-6872 – Upon creating the wither, It leaves ghost blocks
  • MC-8624 – Undespawning entities at long range or Unloaded spawners still spawn.
  • MC-8966 – /clear <player> <item id> Not functioning as expected
  • MC-9353 – Compatibility issue with Windows 8 upgrades and Minecraft
  • MC-9646 – Game crashes when I click "singleplayer" in the main menu
  • MC-9877 – Multiplayer, slow chunk loading and or read timeout kick

From the 1.5 snapshots

  • MC-5774 – Blocks being constantly pushed by pistons turn invisible after some time
  • MC-5778 – Redstone dust apperance stays powered or unpowered when its powered state is toggled fast
  • MC-8776 – Comparators do not update their output signal
  • MC-8923 – Powered mechanisms (except for dispensers and droppers) react when they should not
  • MC-9065 – Crash when giving item 31 with damage 3
  • MC-9115 – Incorrect death messages in non-english languages
  • MC-9431 – DisplayTile, DisplayData, DisplayOffset are not saved with MinecartSpawners
  • MC-9740 – Mob Spawners Cannot Store Movement Data for Mobs
  • MC-10638 – Minecart glitches through block
  • MC-10677 – Pistons fire more than once per tick / block teleporting
  • MC-10874 – the [esc] key doesn't work when you're in the command block menu and when placing signs