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Release date

February 29, 2012[1]

Pre-release for




1.2-pre is the pre-release for 1.2.1.


  • Chiseled stone bricks
    • New type of stone bricks
    • Creative-exclusive block
  • Iron golems
    • Now have sounds
  • Sandstone
    • Two new textures have been added to the terrain.png file. They look similar to sandstone but instead they contain hieroglyphics. These blocks have not been added to game yet. ( ?, ? )


  • Slabs
    • When crafting slabs, you now get 6 instead of 3
    • Can now be placed upside-down when placed against the bottom of a block
  • Ladders
    • When crafting ladders, you now get 3 instead of 2
  • Controls
    • Removed camera controls accidentally added in 12w08a
  • F3 debug screen
    • Pressing F3 now displays what biome you are currently in. Also, raw, sky & block brightness values called rl, sl & bl respectively


21 bugs fixed

  • Nerfed iron golem spawn rate.
  • Fixed bug with updating powered rail when placing redstone.
  • Fixed stairs being placed upside down when placed on snow.
  • Fixed not being able to put torches on upside-down stairs, probably normal stairs too.
  • Fixed jukeboxes not playing above level 128.
  • Fixed not being able to grow huge mushrooms above level 128.
  • Fixed bug with growing trees above level 128 with bone meal.
  • Fixed crash bug with iron golem building.
  • When building an iron Golem, the block above them is no longer destroyed
  • Fixed tamed wolves still attacking sheep.
  • Fixed some language bugs.
  • Fixed some Anvil bugs.
  • Fixed the client not properly handling biome values greater than 22.
  • Fixed mobs spawning half as quick due to the code checking in invalid spawning places half of the time due to the new world height.
  • Fixed lava lakes generating over bedrock.
  • Fixed iron golem's texture being white or invisible.
  • Fixed the iron golem model.
  • Fixed villagers being restless at night.
  • Fixed nether wart dropping from soul sand.
  • Fixed lag from iron golems.
  • Iron golems no longer drown.