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Minecraft 1.10-pre1
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Release date

June 2, 2016

Pre-release for


1.10-pre1 is the first pre-release for Java Edition 1.10, released on June 2, 2016,[1] which split /tp into a separate /teleport command, adds sounds for mobs added in previous snapshots, modifies villagers, and fixes bugs in the 1.10 snapshots.


Command format[]

    • Usage: /teleport <entity> [<x> <y> <z>] [<y-rot> <x-rot>].
    • Teleports a selected entity to the executor's relative position.
    • Example: /teleport @e[type=Cow] ~ ~10 ~ 60 10 will reorient all cows and teleport them up 10 blocks.
NBT tags
  • New ParticleParam1 and ParticleParam2 integer tags for area effect cloud entities.
    • These work just like the two <params> arguments work, in /particle.
    • Example: /summon AreaEffectCloud ~ ~1 ~ {Duration:600,Radius:2.0f,Particle:"iconcrack",ParticleParam1:351,ParticleParam2:3}.
      • Summons a cloud of iconcrack particles with the texture of item 351 (dye), and data value 3 (cocoa beans).
    • Example: /summon AreaEffectCloud ~ ~1 ~ {Duration:600,Radius:2.0f,Particle:"blockcrack",ParticleParam1:12289}.
      • Summons a cloud of blockcrack particles with the texture of block 1 (stone), and data value 3 (diorite), using the formula 1+(3×4096).
Sound events
  • Added entity.husk.ambient
  • Added entity.husk.death
  • Added entity.husk.hurt
  • Added entity.husk.step
  • Added entity.stray.ambient
  • Added entity.stray.death
  • Added entity.stray.hurt
  • Added entity.stray.step
  • Added entity.wither_skeleton.ambient
  • Added entity.wither_skeleton.death
  • Added entity.wither_skeleton.hurt
  • Added entity.wither_skeleton.step



Nether wart blocks
  • No longer destroyed by water or lava.
Structure voids
  • Indestructibility removed.
  • Blast resistance reduced to 0 (was 3600000.6).


Spawn eggs
  • Now uses the actual names of entities, rather than entity codes (i.e. entity.mule.name).


  • Mobs now avoid magma blocks that are in the way.
Polar bears
Adult polar bears will jump in water if on fire.
  • Skeletons holding a tipped arrow in their off hand will now shoot that type of arrow.
    • This overrides strays' normal shooting of Slowness arrows.
    • The arrows in the off hand are not consumed.
  • Burning skeletons have a 50% chance of shooting flaming arrows if raw regional difficulty is 3 or greater.
  • Now run away from nearby husks.
  • Will drink a potion of fire resistance if they don't already have the effect and the most recent damage taken (within the past 2 seconds) was fire damage.
  • Chance of setting the target on fire when burning, and the duration of the effect, now depends on raw regional difficulty.
    • Chance is now (30 × RegionalDifficulty)%; formerly 30% on Easy, 60% on Normal, 90% on Hard.
    • Duration is now 2 × floor(RegionalDifficulty) seconds; formerly 2 seconds on Easy, 4 on Normal, 6 on Hard.
  • Husk hunger effect duration now depends on raw regional difficulty.
    • Duration is now 7 × floor(RegionalDifficulty) seconds; formerly 7 seconds on Easy, 14 on Normal, 21 on Hard.

World generation[]

  • Now generate grass under stairs instead of a dirt path.
  • Villages in savanna and taiga biomes now use the appropriate type of wooden fences.
  • Cobblestone now generates around wells instead of gravel.
  • Paths now only replace grass blocks with air above water, lava, sand, sandstone, and red sandstone. All other blocks will be ignored, with blocks below (down to sea level) considered for replacement instead.
    • This allows paths to generate properly under trees.
    • This removes the ability for paths to bridge ravines.
  • Zombie villagers generated in zombie villages no longer despawn (i.e. they have the PersistenceRequired flag set).

Command format[]

  • Behavior is reverted back to 16w20a and previous versions.
    • The new behavior has been given to /teleport instead.


  • options.txt now displays the data version the file was last saved in.
  • VBOs are now enabled by default, overriding old options when upgrading.
  • fallingdust particle now collides with blocks.


  • The time span between the first snapshot and 1.10-pre1 was only 15 days, which is abnormal when compared to previous releases.
    • The most recent update to be equal or faster than this was Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.1, with only 2 days passing.
  • 1.10-pre1 was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.10
  • MC-3437 – Flowers/tall grass are placed on top of village paths by the world generator.
  • MC-86295 – The Ender Crystal beam is going the other way.
  • MC-98430 – Endermen can drop a cacti that has a missing texture.
  • MC-98654 – Legacy ender dragon not moving.
  • MC-101118 – Mobs' pathfinding is confused by grass paths.
  • MC-101325 – Loading Village.dat containing player reputation causes NullPointerException.
From the 1.10 development versions
  • MC-102048 – Particle fallingdust does not collide with blocks below it.
  • MC-102049 – witches don't drink Fire Resistance potion while on magma block.
  • MC-102050 – Spawn Eggs names of some mob variant are called Spawn entity.X.name
  • MC-102051 – Unable to place anything on nether wart blocks.
  • MC-102070 – Nether wart block unable to be set on fire.
  • MC-102081 – The oxygen value of mobs is too low.
  • MC-102096 – Some stairs in villages generate with path blocks below, instead of dirt.
  • MC-102119 – Polar Bear gets stuck in blocks when trying to chase the player.
  • MC-102135 – Structure block: empty names allowed.
  • MC-102146 – Cannot type/or : into structure blocks.
  • MC-102159 – Gravel generates around village wells, instead of grass paths.
  • MC-102178 – Structure block border lines are invisible in spectator mode (/gamemode 3).
  • MC-102203 – Structure blocks don't rotate skulls.
  • MC-102207 – Crash when using fishing rod in same tick as @e command with type= or name=.
  • MC-102270 – Village paths generate incorrectly under trees.
  • MC-102278 – Mob pathfinding does not avoid the magma block.
  • MC-102372 – Fences in savanna and taiga villages use oak fence instead of acacia/spruce fence.
  • MC-102378 – Signs, banners, end rods and anvils mirrored incorrectly.
  • MC-102401 – Relative teleportation interrupts elytra flight.
  • MC-102455 – Mob pathfinding does not regard nether wart block as obstruction/unable to pathfind on top.
  • MC-102460 – Zombie villages generate without zombies/zombies despawning.
  • MC-102530AreaEffectCloud: wrong fallingsand particle command does not show mobSpell default particle.
  • MC-102557 – Wrong item frame placement after loading by structure block.
  • MC-102575 – In crash reports, the CPU is bcw$7@<memory address>.
  • MC-102598/tping entities results in teleportation relative to the player.
From the previous development version
  • MC-102607 – Villagers don't run away from zombies during the day.
  • MC-102614 – Able to paste invalid characters into structure blocks.
  • MC-102679 – Villagers are attacked by husks, but they don't run away from them.
  • MC-102740 – Teleporting players with relative coordinates behaves like before 16w21b when used in a command block [minecart].


Video made by slicedlime: