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November 13, 2011

Release candidate for




1.0.0-RC1 is the first release candidate for 1.0.0.



  • The Player:
    • Damage to player sound was changed to a genderless bone-cracking sound.
    • Eating and drinking now have sounds.
  • Mobs:
    • Blazes were given an ambient breathing noise.
    • Endermen now make strange whistles and grunts.
      • When they teleport, it sounds like a shortened version of the Nether portal sound.
    • Magma Cubes now make sounds.
    • Silverfish now make sounds.
  • Players and all mobs make the same bone-cracking sound when taking fall damage.
  • Arrow landing was changed to a more twangy sound.
  • Tools and armor now make a breaking sound, and have a breaking animation.

Main Menu

  • Added "Quit Game" button to the main menu.
  • Added 28 new splashes and changed 7 of them.


  • Changed redstone wire placement on one block from a "+" to a "•" shape.
  • Bows now have a durability bar, with 385 uses.
  • Bows can be fired without having arrows in Creative mode.
  • Thrown eggs now hatch baby chickens.


7 bugs fixed

  • Error with the shadowing of the right side of blocks in the inventory is now fixed, being back to what it was in Beta 1.7.
  • Fixed wooden door bug from Beta 1.9pre6
  • The "Particles" option no longer overlaps the warning when playing on far render distance with a 32-bit Java installation.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the players EXP level to revert to 0 again after The End credits is finished from Beta 1.9Pre 6
  • The full names of Scaevolus and Hippoplatimus are now used in the ending credits.
  • You can now talk while entering a portal in SMP
  • Obsidian's mining time was increased to 8 seconds from ~3 seconds in 1.9pre6.

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