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This template uses Module:Version, with data stored in Module:Version/Numbers.
These scripts are written in Lua. Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template outputs the latest version of a particular edition of Minecraft, and can also check if a version specified is the same as the latest version.

Because this template is used on the main page, it must be modified by an administrator or bureaucrat. If you have noticed that the version has changed but this template hasn't been updated, it is best to leave a note on an administrator's talk page or the admin noticeboard.

To update the version number, modify Module:Version/Numbers.


Platform Version Displayed Code used
Computer Edition Computer 1.16.2 {{v}}
Computer server 1.16.2 {{v|server=1}}
Weekly 1.16.2 {{v|weekly=1}}
Weekly server 1.16.2 {{v|weekly=1|server=1}}
Computer Classic 1.16.2 {{v|classic=1}}
Computer Classic server 1.16.2 {{v|classic=1|server=1}}
Launcher 2.1.2482 {{v|launcher=1}}
Pocket Edition Android 1.16.20 {{v|android=1}}
Android snapshot beta {{v|android-snap=1}}
iOS 1.16.20 {{v|ios=1}}
Amazon Fire TV 1.16.20 {{v|firetv=1}}
Windows Phone 1.16.20 {{v|windowsphone=1}}
Windows 10 1.14.60 {{v|windows10=1}}

Version comparison in tables

When a version number is specified, the template will compare the version you specify with the latest version, and mark the cell green if it is the latest version, and red if it isn't.

For example:

{| class="wikitable"
| {{v|1.0.0}}
| {{v|1.16.2}}
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