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This template is used to add drop information to infoboxes.


The minimum drop number should always be filled in for common drops, even if it is always a single drop. Uncommon drops are always a single drop, however have different chances to drop, so the chance (in percentage) should be used instead. Rare drops are also always a single drop, but all have the same drop chance, so no drop number should be added.

Each drop is a list item, and so multiple can be entered on separate lines with no need for line breaks. In infoboxes, the drop fields have the list-style-none class, which hides the bullet point.


Parameter Usage Example
1 Drop name Wool
2 Minimum drop number, or drop chance
3 Maximum drop number
when A condition that must be true for the drop to happen on fire
upcoming The upcoming release version that drop will occur in 1.8
note Any additional text to add after the drop
text Different text to display instead of the drop name


  • Wool (1)
{{Mod/Drop|Spider Eye|33.3%|when=killed by the player}}
  • Spider Eye (33.3%) when killed by the player
{{Mod/Drop|Armor|text=Random Armor}}
  • Random Armor
{{Mod/Drop|Raw Mutton|1|2|upcoming=1.8}}
  • 1.8: Raw Mutton (1–2)
{{Mod/Drop|Glowstone Dust|0|2|when=killed by the player}}
  • Glowstone Dust (0–2) when killed by the player
{{Mod/Drop|mod=The Aether|Zanite Gemstone|1)}}
  • Zanite Gemstone (1)
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